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Packers 2016 Training Camp Preview: Wide Receivers welcome Jordy Nelson back

Injuries were the story of the 2015 Packers receiving corps, but hope springs anew this season.

NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There is no way to talk or even think about the Packers wide receiver position from the 2015 Packers without turning immediately to Jordy Nelson. Losing Jordy before the season had even begun in earnest deeply hurt the Packers ‘ chances. Jordy’s injury was not the only harm done to the pass catchers. Indeed, the Packers ended the playoff run with Jeff Janis, Jared Abbrederis and James Jones in the wide receiver roles.

Jordy Nelson, #87

6’3”, 217 pounds
9th season
College: Kansas State

Jordy put up an incredible 98 catch, 1,519 yards, 13 touchdown season in 2014. Then he went down to the ground without being touched in a preseason game against Pittsburgh last summer. It was a crushing moment. Jordy has spent a full year in recovery and has made some overtures about feeling fully ready to go. Without seeing Jordy running in pads, there will always be a tinge of worry. The Packers are generally considered one of the most medically conservative teams. Expect that when Jordy is on the field, he will be at 100%.

Randall Cobb, #18

5’10”, 195 pounds
6th season
College: Kentucky

Cobb was unable to avoid the injury issues that plagued the Packers in 2015. Cobb suffered a shoulder injury during the season that hampered his play. Beyond this, it became more clear that Cobb felt more comfortable as the second option on the team. Cobb had a harder time when defenses focused on him as the main threat. With other injuries elsewhere, Cobb was also asked to carry more of the load and it was a heavy burden. Cobb dropped from 91 catches to 79, and 1,287 yards to 829. If Jordy is healthy, Cobb’s return to the #2 position, playing in the slot, should spell a return to prominence.

Davante Adams, #17

6’1”, 215 pounds
3rd season
College: Fresno State

Adams had more injury issues than Cobb. Adams suffered an ankle injury in week two that hampered his entire season. Adams missed three weeks leading to the bye week. Still, Adams managed a more productive season than his first season improving from 38 catches to 50. Adams took a great amount of grief from Packers fans for not stepping up enough after Jordy’s injury. Expectations will still be high and Adams has a chance to lock down the third spot on this team and see many targets.

Ty Montgomery, #88

6’0”, 216 pounds
2nd season
College: Stanford

Ty Montgomery had a very short run at making his mark in the third spot on this team. In weeks 2-6 Montgomery had 15 catches for 136 yards and two touchdowns. It was decent work. Montgomery showed much of the shifty ability that he demonstrated in college and showcased during training camp last year. Montgomery should see his share of punt returns and will play in the slot on double-slot formations. He has a chance to pass Adams. It will be an interesting dynamic to watch.

Jared Abbrederis, #84

6’1”, 195 pounds
3rd season
College: Wisconsin

Abby is a fan favorite, a Wautoma boy who played at the University of Wisconsin. The biggest news of Abbrederis from the offseason was his time in the weight room. McCarthy made sure to mention that he felt “Jared had his best offseason.” An increase in strength would be a very big step for Abbrederis, who had a chance to cement himself as the fifth wide out, but had issues with drops in the postseason. Abbrederis is a very technically sound player and runs routes well, but he needs to take hold of his opportunities when they present themselves if he wants to be sure he is not passed up on this roster.

Jeff Janis, #83

6’3”, 219 pounds
3rd season
College: Saginaw Valley State

Janis is still basking in the love from two big catches that forced the overtime against Arizona. In the end, Janis is still a speedster who needs to improve his route running. Janis is intriguing in his abilities, and he is making great improvements. Coaches will be watching closely to see his improvements. Having a wide receivers coach will help Janis more than anyone else.

Trevor Davis, #11

6’1”, 188 pounds
College: California

Davis impressed greatly at the Combine, with a 6.60 second three cone drill (2nd among WRs), 4.42 second 40 yard dash (3rd), 38.5 inch vertical jump (4th), and 10.94 second 60 yard shuttle (2nd). Davis could be an impressive addition and needs to add some polish. Davis will be most valuable for his ability as a return specialist.

Herb Waters, #16

6’0”, 188 pounds
College: Miami

Undrafted player who flashed some ability at his pro day, Ran somewhere around a 4.4 40 yard dash and caught the ball very well... in shorts. The issue was drops in games. Waters has essentially no chance of making this team, but he will get a chance to show that the drops are a thing of the past and maybe catch on somewhere else.

Allison Geronimo, #81

6’3”, 202 pounds
College: Illinois

Another undrafted rookie who is just looking to find some time and show he can maybe make a practice squad or stick with another team. Slower than Laquon Treadwell in his Combine 40 yard dash (4.67), but sped up for his pro day (4.58). Geronimo never managed to have 1,000+ yards receiving in college.

Ed Williams, #19

6’0”, 196 pounds
2nd season
College: Fort Hays State

Williams got so spend some time on the practice squad last year after he had been signed in August of 2015. While Williams was not able to participate in the offseason program last year, he had the opportunity this year. Williams is still far too long a shot be make this team, but he is hoping the year on the practice squad might help him get another year, or even a chance with another team.

Jamel Johnson, #10

6’2”, 217 pounds
2nd season
College: Alabama State

Johnson did not spend the entire season on the practice squad, but did eventually find his way onto the Packers practice squad in December 2015. In his best college season Johnson was the third best receiver with 28 catches for 328 yards. Not awe inspiring. There is nothing particularly exciting about him. Nice speed and good size, but just a camp body for the most part.