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Cheese Curds, 7/20: On Packers' screen game excellence & Rodgers' down year

Who knew that Green Bay had more success throwing to their running backs than any other NFL team in 2015?

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In 2015, the Green Bay Packers' offense took a step back overall from the great heights that they achieved in 2014. However, while that was the case in general, the Packers did have great success in one area in particular: screen passes. In fact, the Packers' running backs sustained their success from last season, although they effectively swapped roles.

Impressively, James Starks and Eddie Lacy were the Packers' 4th- and 5th-most productive receivers last year, James Starks and Eddie Lacy. Starks in particular had a great season catching the ball out of the backfield, recording 43 receptions for 392 yards, coming in just shy of Lacy's performance in the previous season (42 for 427). It was the one thing that was relatively effective in the passing game last season, and hopefully that success will be sustained in 2016 while the rest of the offense returns to form.

One player in particular who is looking for a return to form is quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but his standards are completely different from those of other quarterbacks around the league. In today's Cheese Curds, we look at the lofty standards Rodgers' performance has established for himself.

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For the Packers, it's the running back screen - no team in the NFL had a better DVOA rating on screen passes to their backfield than the Packers, and they had the third-best DVOA on all passes thrown behind the line of scrimmage.

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Only one unit on the Packers' roster was rated outside the top 11 in the NFL, and three position groups were top-five units. That's not bad.

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Heat bad. Cold good.

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