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Cheese Curds, 7/27: Training camp bike rides resume, Richard Rodgers slims down

Green Bay's running back is not the only player who has worked on losing a few pounds this offseason, as the team's top returning tight end has dropped some weight as well.

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Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers finally took the field to start training camp on Tuesday, and the first practice of the summer means that the team's various camp traditions are back in full force as well. One of them in particular got started off with a fun story, as the Packers' kicker got a special opportunity to bond with one of the team's young fans.

The first day of camp also brings the first opportunity for the media to speak with players following practice, and one player had a little revelation about his weight. No, it wasn't Eddie Lacy, so stop asking; it was one of the players who often blocks for him, however, and you can see some details about that story in today's Cheese Curds below.

Several other teams are starting camp this week as well, and we also will take a bit of a wider look around the NFL today. One NFC North rival made a notable free agent signing on Tuesday, while another legendary franchise is drawing some criticism of their handling of some recent situations.

Seven-year-old gets 'awesome' ride to Green Bay Packers practice - ESPN
One of the best traditions in all of sports resumed today, as Packers rode their fans' bikes to practice. However, one ride in particular - Mason Crosby's - took a special form on a unique bike.

Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers haven't talked to NFL |
Well, so much for those interviews that were supposed to happen on Tuesday.

Leaner Richard Rodgers already seeing results |
Richard Rodgers dropped from the low 270s, where he played last year, to about 258 pounds. That's just one pound heavier than his weigh-in at the 2014 Scouting Combine, and that sets him up nicely to improve his athleticism from last season.

NFL will now impose fines, loss of draft picks for concussion protocol violations -
These penalties - docking picks in particular - are the ones that will actually get teams to focus on these issues and change their practices (if they remain out of line with the protocols).

NFL Executive: Steelers so liked by media, they get a pass - Cincy Jungle
Take this with a grain of salt since it's a post from a blog covering a Steelers rival, but the quote is legitimate and Le'Veon Bell's reaction to his suspension is a bit disturbing.

Veteran receiver Anquan Boldin to join Detroit Lions -
Boldin will be in for a smaller role in Detroit's offense, but that is exactly what he is suited for - and he could be a nice role player for Matthew Stafford to throw to.

Michael Vick says he dominated too much as a Falcon, could still beat Cam Newton in 40 |
Vick is many things, but humble is not one of them. Check out this doozy of a quote: "There were times in game when I felt I was dominating, and I was dominating too much."