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APC Podcast: Talking Packers and fantasy football with Alex Gelhar of

"The boys are back in town!"

Here at the APC Podcast, we’ve got an extra spring in our step. Why? Players have checked into the St. Norbert College dorms, they’re wearing pads, they’re running plays — Training camp is underway!

Okay, so there have only been a handful of sloppy practices, but football is back, baby! We run through some headlines from training camp, hit on Greg Jennings’ retirement (he put the team on his back) and talk a bit about Aaron Rodgers' deft handling of the inevitable Jordan Rodgers question during his locker room availability.

If you’d rather talk beer, fishing and fantasy football, Alex Gelhar of calls in (at about the 25 minute mark) to chat a bit about his Wisconsin roots, his path to working for the NFL and to give his thoughts on the fantasy viability of all of your favorite Packers players.

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