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Cheese Curds, 7/29: Perry's role helps Peppers, Burnett to play hybrid role?

Green Bay's linebackers will need to share a lot of snaps this year, while one of their safeties worked in a different role than he is used to this week.

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Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

As the Green Bay Packers wrap up their first few days of training camp practice, fans are left with as many questions as answers. The injured players on the PUP list are of course at the top of our minds, but there are a few intriguing items coming out of this week's work that have us curious, particularly about the direction and alignment of the team's defense.

One such question is how will the Packers find enough snaps for all of their outside linebackers? With the team likely to keep seven players at that position, it will be a challenge to find ways for each player to see the field. A second is what is going on with Morgan Burnett? As we saw in yesterday's practice recap, Burnett lined up at a new position for him, something that can put his run support skills to good use. We'll see if he ends up playing there more often due to the depth of the team's secondary.

We will have to wait another day until we get some more answers and some more questions, as the Packers are off from practice today. However, keep an eye out for Ted Thompson's press conference, as the GM will be speaking at about 9:30 this morning, and we will bring you coverage of the presser. In the meantime, enjoy today's curds below.

James Starks brings quiet consistency to Packers' offense |
After working through injuries early in his career, Starks has settled into a very productive role as the Packers' second running back. His receiving ability is light-years ahead of where it was as a rookie, so this year his focus has been on ball security.

Packers trusting Nick Perry to give Julius Peppers a break |
The equation is easy. Step one: if Perry plays well, he'll play more. Step two: if Perry plays more, Peppers can take more snaps off. Step three: if Peppers plays fewer snaps, he's more effective when he is on the field. Step four: profit!

More signs point to Eliot Wolf as next in line as Green Bay Packers GM - ESPN
Well, so much for the rumored "out clause" in Seahawks GM John Schneider's contract. Schneider said it doesn't exist, and that makes it clear that Eliot Wolf is indeed the heir to the GM chair.

Could Green Bay Packers use Morgan Burnett like Deone Bucannon? - ESPN
In a sort of preview of Thursday's practice, Mike McCarthy was asked about hybrid safeties yesterday. Then the team went out and lined Burnett up at nickel linebacker in practice and got everybody wondering what's going on.

Mike Zimmer signs Vikings contract extension -
The Vikings have their man for the foreseeable future. Zimmer has done a great job in Minnesota, and he has transformed that defense into a potent unit.

Brandon Marshall challenges Antonio Brown to outplay him or give him his Rolls Royce -
That might not be a great challenge by Mister Marshall...after all, Brown has averaged 26 more yards per game over the past three seasons than Marshall has.