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Cheese Curds, 7/5: Holographic Lombardi coming to Hall of Fame, Nelson still scares defenses

Get ready to experience the closest thing to seeing Vince Lombardi in person when you visit Canton in the future.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A belated Happy Fourth of July to you, Green Bay Packers fans! With the 4th's arrival and passing yesterday, we now have fewer than three weeks until the Packers' players are set to report for training camp on July 25th. As you know by now, the reason for the early start of camp is the Packers' selection to play in the Hall of Fame Game, in conjunction with Brett Favre's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Adding Favre's bust to the collection of bronze heads is not the only Packers-related addition planned for the shrine in the near future, however. In today's Cheese Curds, we find that visitors to the Hall will soon have a chance to experience a new attraction, which will feature legendary Packers head coach Vince Lombardi.

Meanwhile, Packers media is examining a host of young players fighting for roster spots this season, while another group of NFL writers examine which of the Packers' offensive weapons is the most dangerous for opposing defenses.

NFC North Q&A: Who scares defenses more, Jordy Nelson or Eddie Lacy? - ESPN
Two of the three columnists interviewed said Nelson, while the other's answer was amusing - basically that a healthy Nelson will get 1,200-1,500 yards and is a known quantity, but Lacy's return to form (hopefully) makes him a more dangerous unknown.

Camp could be Carl Bradford's last shot with Packers |
The Packers don't really know what they have from the third-year linebacker - he was ineffective in his first training camp as a pass-rusher, then spent last year's summer learning to move inside. With jobs up for grabs, he has at least a chance to stick on the team if he can show that he understands his new position.

'Redshirt year is over' for John Crockett |
The NDSU product never played on coverage units before on special teams, and doing so this summer will likely be a key component of his value to the Packers as a third-string running back.

Packers Find Another Project In Reggie Gilbert | Cheesehead TV
Gilbert had some solid production at the University of Arizona and like many other linebackers the Packers have acquired, he played defensive end. He'll have a tough time making the 53-man roster this year based on the logjam ahead of him, but don't be surprised if he lands on the practice squad.

Hall of Fame to feature players via holographic film experience -
This is one of the new attractions coming to the Hall, and it will feature not just players, but coaches - and Vince Lombardi is perhaps the biggest name among all of those represented.

CFL player Duron Carter knocks over opposing coach, nearly starts brawl with TD celebration -
Would you be surprised if I told you Duron Carter is the son of former Vikings WR and ESPN commentator Cris Carter?

Why NBA players get paid so much more than NFL stars -
Point number two is the most important one - the NFL employs four times as many players as the NBA does, so even if the leagues give the same total amount to its players, the average salary is going to necessarily be higher in basketball.