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Packers should get Jordy Nelson back this week, Rodgers to play vs. Raiders

The Green Bay offense looks like it’s finally going to be at full strength in the coming days.

New England Patriots v Green Bay Packers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

On the telecast of the Green Bay Packers’ preseason game against the Cleveland Browns on Friday evening, two notable items of news were revealed that will drastically affect the watchability of the team’s next game.

First, quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoke to commentators Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon in the booth. Rodgers sat out the entire Browns game, and was not going to play in last week’s Hall of Fame Game even if the field were in playable shape. However, Rodgers said on Friday that he definitely will be playing next Thursday when the Packers host the Oakland Raiders for the second preseason game.

Now, that playing time could very well consist of a series or two, but it will be nice to see Rodgers actually take a few real snaps. The third game is usually when starters play the most, but Rodgers seems excited to get at least a little bit of playing time in.

Arguably the bigger news is a nugget that Harlan revealed later on in the broadcast: that wide receiver Jordy Nelson should return this week. Even if he does come off the PUP list he many not play on Thursday, but it should be a very welcome sight for Packers fans to see #87 suiting up in practice and finally taking real reps.

Get ready, Packers fans. The offense looks like it is finally starting to come together, and it should be a frightening prospect for opposing defenses.