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Packers coach Mike McCarthy says Jeff Janis will not practice this week

The Packers’ head coach discussed Friday’s preseason game and the injury to one of the Packers’ receivers.

 NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday before his team suited up for practice, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media to discuss the team’s first preseason game against the Cleveland Browns and the transition from a training camp schedule into more of a regular season practice format.

McCarthy also gave an update on the status of injured wide receiver Jeff Janis - and it appears that he will indeed be out for a decent amount of time. Here is a selection of McCarthy’s comments from Sunday.

  • (On the evaluation of Friday’s game) Coaches grade it, we have to get back into the evaluation process as we move in the season. We had a full grading procedure yesterday - offense, defense, special teams, just how we do during the season.
  • (On the Packers’ rookies’ performances) I think Spriggs definitely had a lot of really good plays ... it’s nice to see him respond, particularly the way some of the practices that he’s had ... it was really good to see our young players respond ... a lot of good things that you can build off of.
  • (On the team’s schedule changes) I don’t know how you get ready for week one. We’re on a six day week so that’s an adjustment. We’ll shift to an in-season format today as far as teaching the plays how we’re going to install for an opponent. We’ll practice very much how we’d practice on a Wednesday today ... we need to start training the team in an in-season process.
  • (On rookie punter Peter Mortell) I thought Peter did some good things. I think our punt overall, we have some work to do. It’s about putting kicks down inside the 20. I thought the timing of his (coffin corner) kick, that’s what you’re looking for ... that’s something you can build off of. He hit some good punts.
  • (On the Packers signing Green Bay native Kyle Steuck) Personally I think it’s a little bit funny. The first eight years (I was here) we didn’t have anyone from the state if Wisconsin, from the university. Now to play for your hometown team, the uniqueness of the Packers here, hopefully he takes full advantage of. (Will Steuck play center?) That’s the thought. (We need to) see him in pads and see how he does.
  • (On how he evaluated the defense on the first drive) Thought the defense did a good job on the opening drive. It was a competitive ball on the opening play ... red zone defense is obviously critical to the success of your defense, keep them out of the end zone. Micah made an excellent play on the ball, getting a turnover there was huge.
  • (On Jeff Janis’ status) He won’t practice this week. I haven’t talked to (team doctor Pat McKenzie) as far as the specifics and timeline, but he will not be available this week.
  • (Any update on Jordy Nelson?) I gave you my one injury answer today. Thank you.