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Mike McCarthy hopes to give Brett Hundley “a bunch of time” in next preseason game

The Packers’ head coach wants his backup QB to get the bulk of the playing time on Thursday night.

 NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Before the Green Bay Packers’ practice on Monday, head coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media to discuss some of the injured and returning players and his plans for the quarterback position in the team’s upcoming game against the Oakland Raiders. McCarthy indicated that Brett Hundley should get the bulk of the snaps, but that this plan will depend at least somewhat on his performance in and health following today’s practice.

McCarthy also was asked about a pair of veteran defensive backs, both of whom have extensive special teams experience and who have played vital roles for the team over the past few years. Here are some excerpts from his presser.

  • (On Brett Hundley’s first practice back from injury:) Looked good. We’ll see him move around today, see him move around out of the pocket, that’ll be the question for him moving forward.
  • (Will Ty Montgomery practice today?) Maybe. We’re not sure.
  • (On Hundley’s workload in the next game:) Planned on him playing the first game in Canton, planned on him playing (against) Cleveland ... hopefully we give him a bunch of time Thursday night against Oakland.
  • (Is Aaron Rodgers really ready for week 1 already?) This is not an individual game, this is a team game. There are individuals on our football team that are experienced. The amount of work they’ve been able to get so far in practice, potentially they’re ready to play. Play time in preseason is more about playing guys like Aaron, Clay Matthews, how they’re rolled into the game and the combinations of who they’re playing with. We have to wait to get through practice today, get the medical report, and see how it works out.
  • (On Chris Banjo:) You can play him anywhere. He’s smart, he’s dedicated, he’s a great role model for a young guy to come in here and work your way up through the ranks. He’s a big-time asset to us, especially on special teams.
  • (Did the lack of continuity on the offensive line in 2015 hurt the offense?) 46 sacks is not what we’re looking for, yeah.
  • (Are you surprised by what the undrafted rookies do when the pads come on?) I think it’s our history. I wouldn’t say I’m surprised. Nothing surprises me when the young guys put the pads on ... there’s guys that always jump out in the padded practices and unfortunately there are guys who sometimes disappear too ... we’ll be playing here Thursday night in front of a packed crows here, and that’s the environment you want to evaluate your players in.
  • (On the versatility that Micah Hyde brings to the defense:) Micah’s a complete football player, he’s a 4-down football player. He came here had corner ability ... I think you look at Micah and everybody wants to do a depth chart and call 11 guys starters, he definitely has starter value in my eyes ... you want to create opportunities for him.
  • (How do you plan out your playing time for players throughout the season?) My depth chart in my office, I have every snap that they played in offense, defense. I have every snap they played special teams ... I’ll actually do a projection as far as how we hope to see our players perform at throughout the year. You have to have a system as to how you play guys early, because it’s a long year. On the other side, you have a guy like Julius Peppers, you try to make sure he’s not doing too much early in the season.