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Cheese Curds, 8/16: NFL's handling of Matthews & Peppers sets dangerous precedent

With the league threatening suspensions if the players don't sit for an interview, should the players' union continue to fight?

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Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers are busy preparing for Thursday's preseason game against the Oakland Raiders, but two players also have their minds on another pressing issue: imminent potential suspensions. The news came down on Monday that Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers could be suspended if they continue to refuse to cooperate with the NFL regarding allegations of PED use (which have since been recanted).

This sets these individuals and the NFL Player's Association up in a tight spot. The players certainly would want to put this issue behind them, but if they do submit for questioning, it could put the union in a bind down the road. There's no good solution for the two linebackers, or their fellow players who are being subjected to the same treatment.

Meanwhile, we look ahead to Thursday, where it appears that quarterback Brett Hundley will get the bulk of the snaps. Indeed, signs now suggest that Aaron Rodgers may not play after all, despite indicating on the last game telecast that he would suit up. Stay tuned to find out more on Rodgers' status in the next 48 hours.

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You can't blame Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and company for deferring to the NFLPA on responding to the NFL's insistence on an investigation. However, now that the league is threatening the players with a suspension if they do not submit to an inquisition, this sets a very dangerous precedent for public (and unsubstantiated) accusations against players.

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Speaking of Peppers, his snap count won't just be limited in games early this season - it's being limited in training camp too, but the snaps he is taking are very effective.

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Despite his comments during Friday's game against Cleveland suggesting the opposite, it now appears that Rodgers will indeed sit again on Thursday when the Packers take on the Raiders.

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Rodgers says "it's only natural" for the team to want to hold its star players back more a year after seeing Jordy Nelson go down in week two of the preseason.

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Does this happen to everyone in the NFL or is the Colts punter the only person who actually talks about it publicly?

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