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Cheese Curds, 8/2: How much (if at all) will Aaron Rodgers play in the Hall of Fame Game?

After Indy's coach said he'll play his starters on Sunday night, the focus turns to Green Bay to see if Rodgers and company will even step onto the field.

Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

When the Green Bay Packers take the field on Sunday evening in Canton for the Hall of Fame Game, fans will get their first look at the 2016 roster in a real, live-action setting. The question now becomes this: will the entire roster actually play, or will the coaching staff hold the veterans out of the first of five preseason games?

The Colts announced via their head coach that Andrew Luck and company will play and although Chuck Pagano did not say how many snaps or series they would be in for, just by virtue of that statement it's likely to be more than the Packers play their starters. However, even the Packers' players don't know just yet what the breakdown will look like - that's something that has yet to be decided, or at least yet to be communicated.

We look at the plans for the upcoming weekend in today's Cheese Curds, and in addition we find a look at one young Packer looking to define a new role for himself and a question about the intensity of training camp practice. Enjoy!

Receiver competition intrigues Aaron Rodgers |
In addition to the wideouts impressing over the past few days, Rodgers discussed his plans for this weekend - he'll be ready to play if he's asked to on Sunday, and he plans to attend the enshrinement ceremony on Saturday, which of course will include Brett Favre.

Aaron Rodgers' preseason 'workload' still to be determined - ESPN
The question, of course, is whether Mike McCarthy will ask Rodgers to play. If he has made that decision, he has not yet communicated it to his quarterback and his team.

John Crockett searching for backfield niche |
Crockett is one of the most highly-energized players on the roster and he spent much of this offseason working on his hand-eye coordination to become a better receiver out of the backfield.

Is Mike Daniels too Aggressive in Practice? | Cheesehead TV
Are fights in practice inevitable, foolish, or a good way to get the blood pumping early on in training camp?

Uncle Rico and the other greatest movie quarterbacks of all time -
Number two might be a bit of a surprise, but then again he did save the universe.

Tony Romo isn’t fat -
Let's have some fun with SAT analogies! Fat Eddie Lacy : 2015 :: Fat Tony Romo : 2016.