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APC Podcast, Aug. 22: Paul Noonan breaks down the competition in the NFC North

The podcast crew is back with another edition, this time talking to APC writer Paul Noonan about his expectations for the division.

While preseason "football" is underway, it’s the official stance of the APC Podcast that anyone telling you they have hard intel based on the tape is a bona fide snake oil salesman. With that principal in mind, we’re focused on previewing the competition in the NFC North this season. To do that, we’re joined by APC writer Paul Noonan (@BadgerNoonan). We’ll play Two-Minute Drill and prognosticate who’s moving forwards and who’s moving Bearwards—er, I mean backwards.

We’re so close to meaningful football. Hang in there, everyone!

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Also, stay tuned for a second podcast planned for later this week. We'll be talking to's fantasy football expert, Matt Harmon. Just two more weeks until real football!