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Cheese Curds, 8/23: Slow start for Nelson's return, Clinton-Dix will anchor secondary

Green Bay has a good one manning the back end of the defense, and don't be discouraged by Jordy's light workload in his first practice.

Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

For the Green Bay Packers, who continue to await Jordy Nelson's full recovery and return to the playing field, it's been a long year. So why should he be back participating in every drill just because he has been cleared to practice? The wideout with the repaired ACL is taking it slow in his return to practice, but that's not something that should concern Packers fans; after all, he still has a little less than three weeks to get himself ready to go 100%.

While Nelson looks to return to form, a counterpart on the defense is gaining widespread praise, and not just from those who follow the Packers. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has been getting talked about pretty heavily this offseason, and in today's Cheese Curds we find an article from a respected national columnist who has some pretty great descriptions of the third-year safety. It's probably safe to assume that he will be the first player drafted in the first round under the new CBA on whom the Packers will use the fifth-year option. Frankly, it would take a massive step backwards for him to not be worth it, and nobody seems to expect that to happen.

Check out those topics and much more below.

Jordy Nelson still on track for Week 1 |
Yes, Nelson did little besides running some routes and catching some passes without any defense across from him. That should not change Packers' fans expectations for him to be ready for the opener in Jacksonville.

Why no knee brace for Jordy Nelson? Receivers almost never use them - ESPN
Offensive linemen, especially those who have torn knee ligaments, seem to swear by knee braces. Some college teams, like the Wisconsin Badgers, outfit all their linemen - even the healthy ones - with braces. But receivers? Dream on.

Packers' Pass Defense Emerging As One Of NFL's Best | Today's Pigskin
These are a few comments on Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: "knocking on the door of stardom," "a demon against the run," "keeps getting better and better." This is from a national football writer, who agrees with Packers fans that Ha Ha should be one of the league's best safeties this year.

Punting competition takes on new format |
Tim Masthay took every punt on Monday, leading some to worry that he was being handed the job. Not to worry about Peter Mortell, however - he'll do all the punting on Tuesday in a new format that Ron Zook is using with the two players.

Green Bay Packers tight end Mitchell Henry's bad luck returns - ESPN
It's too bad for Henry, who broke a finger for the second time in as many training camps. This time he did it in a game, and putting a club back on will hurt his chances of making the team once again.

You're Wrong About Brett Favre's 2009 Season — The Power Sweep
Here's a little context - yes, Favre's 09 season with the Vikings was great, but put into context it doesn't hold a candle to his MVP campaigns in the mid-1990s.

Rams player Will Hayes believes in mermaids, so someone showed up to practice dressed as one -
Hooray for training camp ridiculousness!