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Cheese Curds, 8/25: Guion back at nose tackle, Thompson won't discuss UDFAs

Green Bay's GM is staying tight-lipped about his young players, as usual.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers will fly out to the Bay Area today to prepare for tomorrow's preseason game against the 49ers, which will finally feature the season debut for Aaron Rodgers and the team's starters. While those players get their first real snaps of the summer, the second half will as always be devoted to giving young players opportunities to demonstrate that they deserve to be on the team's 53-man roster after the cut-down in ten days.

Don't expect to hear much of value from the Packers' front office about those rookies before final cuts, however. Whether by design or just by personal style, the GM refuses to discuss any of those players at this point, as we found out yesterday.

Meanwhile, some other veterans will be seeing more extended action on Friday night as well, including defensive lineman Letroy Guion. In a bit of a surprise move, Guion has remained at nose tackle despite the drafting of Kenny Clark in round one. In short, it appears that this is due to Guion's greater comfort with that position over the 5-technique defensive end spot, where Dean Lowry has been taking snaps with the starters in preparation for Mike Pennel's suspension-based absence.

Thompson won't comment on undrafted free agents |
Ted was his usual self on Wednesday when speaking to the media - giving nothing away and refusing to even address anything about the Packers' undrafted players. Is he trying to keep his cards hidden so he can sneak some players on to the practice squad?

In the clear: Letroy Guion's once-cloudy future looks bright - ESPN
Guion and the Packers have moved on from the issues that plagued him in his hometown last season. Now back at nose tackle, his favorite spot, he's ready to make a similar impact to the one he made in 2014, and his play is keeping rookie Kenny Clark with the second string.

John Crockett looking to become complete back |
Sure, Crockett has the edge for the #3 running back job, but his work is by no means done; he needs to continue showing that he can be a reliable option on third downs in order to lock in that spot.

Separated at birth: Packers' Josh Sitton, Kyle 'Little Sitty' Steuck? - ESPN
The similarity is close enough that Steuck has been mistaken for Sitton a few times around Green Bay, but his veteran teammates are having fun with it. And after all, as Sitton said, "If we're giving you s***, it means we like you."

Dez Bryant complained about ‘Madden 17’ so now ‘Madden’ is torturing cyber Dez Bryant -
This round has been judged 10-9 in favor of the Madden NFL team.

Chargers issue statement on Joey Bosa negotiations -
This silly posturing by the Chargers is really dumb. Bosa is the highest player the Chargers have drafted in 12 years, so saying that you're using contracts for players drafted in the teens as your precedent is just ridiculous.