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Packers-49ers Notes: Stream of Consciousness from Friday’s preseason game

Tex wrote down a bunch of his thoughts in real time during Green Bay’s third preseason game.

NFL: Preaseason-Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

During the Green Bay Packers’ third preseason game on Friday night against the San Francisco 49ers, one APC writer decided to keep a running log of his thoughts and impressions during the game. Here are the various items that went through his head over the course of the Packers’ 21-10 victory.

  • First play - Clay Matthews runs down Carlos Hyde from behind. Vintage Clay. Third down, Blake Martinez makes nice tackle on scramble to force punt. Martinez is always around the ball.
  • Davante Adams looks much faster and more agile than last year - big gain up the sideline wiped out by iffy penalty.
  • Randall Cobb & Jared Abbrederis alternated split wide and in slot on first two drives.
  • Offensive line looked awful on the first drive but much better on second drive. Better push for the run, moved Rodgers around to get better time to throw.
  • Peter Mortell’s first punt was garbage. One-hopped it 42 yards and gave up big return. Trevor Davis as a gunner didn’t help, whiffing on the tackle. Tim Masthay didn’t have great distance on his punts, but at least had better hangtime.
  • Martinez just got totally erased on a blitz. Though he’s solid in coverage and run support, he still looks a bit overmatched when rushing the passer.
  • Julius Peppers looked slow and poor setting the edge on the run. Hopefully just shaking off the preseason rust.
  • Niners score easily on next drive. However, Chip Kelly’s Eagles team shredded Packers’ defense in preseason last year too, so I’m not too worried there. Where is Jake Ryan though? So much for my call in “5 players to watch.” I guess he’s also watching with that hamstring injury, which will pretty much give Barrington and Martinez the starting jobs.
  • Aaron Rodgers looks good. Like, typical Rodgers good. That’s all that really needs to be said, I think.
  • Jared Cook has looked great catching the ball, but caused a fumble and had a holding penalty.
  • Don Barclay’s shotgun snaps...woof. Those things float more than beach balls.
  • Adams drops a should-be 40-yard TD on a great throw from Callahan but then makes a ridiculously hard catch on 4th and 5? What?
  • Jason Spriggs started the second half wearing a club - didn’t have it on in the first half.
  • Joe Callahan looked rough on last play of first half (4th and goal) but excellent play-fake and capable of excellent accuracy and arm strength. Skills there, just needs more consistency. Bootleg TD to Abbrederis showed all the positives - mobility and arm talent.
  • John Crockett hasn’t impressed me at all tonight. Should have fumbled if not for a missed call by the refs (even though he did appear to get hurt on that play).
  • I picked Jayrone Elliott over Lerentee McCray on my roster prediction this week, but I’m completely second-guessing myself now. Elliott is still a no-show (he did get a little banged up tonight) but McCray had back-to-back pressures, including a sack. I definitely would flip that prediction as of right now.
  • Good, now Mortell comes back with a great punt of 50 yards and 4.5 seconds of hang time. If you want consistency in the punting game, I feel like you’re not going to get it from either one of these punters.
  • Holy crap, Geronimo Allison. After a ridiculous escape effort by Callahan, who heaved a ball 50 yards downfield, Allison made a terrific adjustment to the football and came down with a 51-yard grab. Callahan looked like a miniature Brett Favre running around like a chicken with his head cut off on that play and just heaving the ball downfield.

Finally, I have some overall thoughts. That was just an okay performance from the starting defense. Randall Cobb looks really good. Aaron Rodgers will be perfectly ready to go for week one. And the Packers really do seem to have a lot of quality depth. Bring on week one.