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Cheese Curds, 8/4: Brett Hundley sits, Ty Montgomery sheds light on ankle surgery

Injuries, both major and minor, are the focus of today's links.

Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

In Green Bay, five players have yet to practice after a week and a half of training camp due to various injuries, and some fans are getting concerned about the continued absences. Although the Green Bay Packers remain hopeful that the players still on the PUP list will return soon, one player in particular discussed the severity of his injury on Wednesday and revealed just how serious his ankle repair was.

Meanwhile, Green Bay's backup quarterback sat out practice yesterday with a more minor injury. Fans and coaches alike are anticipating seeing him in the first preseason game, and we will be closely monitoring reports from practice this evening to see if he returns.

Continuing the theme of injuries in today's Cheese Curds, we find an expose from SB Nation on the widespread use of a particular painkiller across the league. While not addictive, this drug has been connected to some significant long-term side effects. Read on and make your own judgments.

Hundley sits out after getting 'nicked' |
The Packers' backup QB was on the field last night for practice, he just wasn't participating. We expect him to see most of the game action on Sunday against the Colts, but do not get too worried unless he misses tonight's practice as well.

No surprises with Sam Shields |
Shields' quiet demeanor has stayed consistent throughout his career, as has his ability to lock down opposing receivers in press coverage.

Green Bay Packers WR Ty Montgomery reveals severity of ankle surgery - ESPN
The concerns about why Montgomery has not yet returned are real, but the surgery involved three different tasks - one of which was the repair of a microfracture in an ankle bone. That's a big reason why he has yet to return to the field.

Backman, Perillo Duking it out for Third-String Tight end job | Cheesehead TV
For now, Perillo has the upper hand on last year's sixth-round pick, based in part on his superior receiving ability.

Comfortably Numb: The NFL Fell In Love With a Painkiller It Barely Knew -
The painkiller Toradol has been used extensively by NFL players for two decades; however, its usage in training rooms is drastically different from how it was indicated for use in a controlled medical setting.

Jay Cutler has Jay Cutler-like reaction to Bennett barbs -
Credit Cutler for not taking Martellus Bennett's bait, but his response did include this amusing line: "I could say something clever and smart, but I'll just pass."