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Packers vs. Jaguars, Week 1 2016: Live Game Updates and Discussion

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Join APC as we discuss the events of today's season-opener in Jacksonville.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the Green Bay Packers open up their 2016 regular season schedule with a date in Jacksonville against the Jaguars of the AFC South. Green Bay enters on the heels of a 10-6 season which saw them advance to the Divisional Round of the NFC Playoffs, while the Jaguars finished last year at 5-11.

Each team used its first-round pick to bolster its defense; Jacksonville took cornerback Jalen Ramsey from Florida State with the fifth pick, while the Packers picked UCLA defensive tackle Kenny Clark at #27 overall. Meanwhile, Jordy Nelson returns to the playing field for the Packers after missing all of last season.

Much of the country will get this game on local FOX affiliates, as the network has chosen to broadcast this game to more than half of the USA. Click here to see our Game Primer, which includes all the broadcast details, map, and much more.

Join APC in the comments below as we discuss the results of today's game.