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Packers Color Rush Uniforms: Green Bay reveals all-white unis for Bears game

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Despite some reports indicating they would wear gold, the Packers are going with a white-out for their Thursday Night game this year.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

There has been much hand-wringing about the Green Bay Packers’ forced involvement in the NFL’s “Color Rush” campaign in Thursday Night Football games this season. Last year, it was optional for teams to participate, and the Packers declined to do so when they played the Lions a week after Thanksgiving. This year, it was no longer an option, and the Packers had no choice but to come up with a monochromatic uniform for their Thursday Night game against the Chicago Bears in week 6.

There had been rumors of the Packers wearing a solid gold uniform for this game, but those rumors have now been put to rest. On Tuesday, the Packers released preview photos of the uniform that they will wear in that game, and as it turns out it is an all-white affair instead.

In fact, it appears that the Packers will wear their standard white away jerseys in that contest (despite it being a home game), and they will pair them with a new set of white pants and socks. The pants will have green and gold striping matching the sleeve striping on the road jersey. This means that the only changes from the Packers’ typical road are the white instead of gold pants and white socks instead of green.

Mercifully (at least in the eyes of this writer), it appears that the Packers’ classic look will not be significantly affected by the Color Rush program. In fact, this appears to be as conservative a look as any team will adorn in these games all season long.

The Bears, meanwhile, will wear their traditional navy jerseys and pair them with matching navy pants and socks instead of their typical white pants.

Are you relieved that the Packers are sticking to a relatively classic uniform, or were you hoping for something a little outlandish?