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Cheese Curds, 9/15: Bakhtiari reacts to new contract, PFHOF nominees announced

Green Bay's newly-extended left tackle discusses his big new contract, while several former Packer people have been nominated for Hall of Fame consideration.

Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers have a newly-rich left tackle - David Bakhtiari's new contract will add four years onto his current contract and pay him more than $51 million in new money over the next five years. Depending on the way you look at the contract, he is either earning $12 million per year or about $10 million, so this is a great deal for both sides - the player (and his agent) can claim that he's paid like a top-five tackle while the team gets to spread that cash out over an extra season.

With that piece of the offensive line puzzle solved, there are more to be dealt with over the next several months. However, considering the fact that teams can roll over cap space year to year, it's entirely plausible that neither JC Tretter nor T.J. Lang will get new deals until after the season.

In addition, the Packers' organization is well-represented in another list of potential Hall of Famers. The Hall announced its list of nominees for the 2017 class, and there are four former Packers players and one former coach on that list. It's probably still a long shot for any of them to make it in, but it's nice to see several familiar names on the list regardless.

We have all that and much more in today's curds.

Bakhtiari dodges draft challenge |
When looking at Bakh's deal as a five-year contract rather than a four-year extension, the money makes more sense - the average drops to just under $10 million, which puts him eighth among left tackles rather than tied for fourth.

Contract doesn't mean complacency for David Bakhtiari |
Big money doesn't appear to mean big changes for the Packers' left tackle though - it's still "status quo," as he put it, and if he starts to worry about his contract he said he would "psych (himself) out."

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It doesn't really seem to matter much to the Packers which quarterback starts in Minnesota on Sunday. In fact, the offense probably won't be much different either way, as Adrian Peterson will be the focal point (as always).

Nominees for Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2017 announced -
There are a handful of former Packers on this list: wide receiver Sterling Sharpe, safeties LeRoy Butler and Darren Sharper, linebacker Seth Joyner, and coach Mike Holmgren.

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What. I don't understand.