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Packers’ McCarthy on 4th and 2 call against Vikings: “Advantage was to the offense”

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The Packers’ coach gave a brief explanation of his call to go for it instead of kicking a tying a field goal on Sunday night.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Jacksonville Jaguars Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

One of the highly-criticized decisions of Mike McCarthy’s in the Green Bay Packers’ 17-14 loss to the Minnesota Vikings was his choice to go for it on 4th down and two yards to go at the 14-yard line despite the Packers being down just three points. A James Starks run was stopped just short of the line to gain, and the Packers never caught back up to the Vikings again before the final whistle sounded.

In his post-game press conference on Sunday night, McCarthy discussed why he made that call, saying that he felt that his offense had an advantage in that situation after a long drive. He also was asked why his offense has looked off through two games, particularly in the passing game. Here is a snapshot of his comments from his presser.

  • Well, it was a tough, physical battle. Proud of our team the way they fought through, we had a number of guys going in and out of the game ... had some opportunities particularly in the second half that we didn’t take advantage of ... ball security was definitely not a strength of ours ... big play production in the passing game was against us and special teams, field position was against us.
  • It was 4th and 2, we’re on a 12-play drive, I felt the advantage was to the offense in that particular situation. We all saw the play call, and it’s my decision ... I definitely felt we were playing the way we needed to play.
  • Frankly, we’re in week 2 of the season. We won this type of games last year. This is NFL season football. We weren’t very clean tonight ... I’m more worried about the rotation and the health of our team tonight.
  • (Why has Rodgers struggled so much over the last ten games or so?) This is a new season. It’s two games. Our rhythm in the passing game was not what we would have liked it been tonight. That starts with me, everything that goes on with offense. We’ve got two weeks of live action to evaluate and move forward. We will improve.
  • (Run defense) I thought we stayed in the gaps. I thought we had penetration throughout the night. ANy time you are able to hold AP to those kind of numbers it’s a very good night.
  • (Why no rhythm in the passing game?) I think there’s good things and I think there’s things that weren’t that clean. Historically, when you’re in a rhythm things happen. Our tempo wasn’t good ... that’s really two weeks in a row, that’ll be a focus for us as we go into Detroit.
  • (Does getting a long string of games at home help?) It’s huge on a number of different fronts. We’ve been on the road for four weeks ... we’ve been in a domed stadium and on the road last week ... our numbers aren’t very good so hopefully they’ll improve by the end of the week for Detroit.