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Cheese Curds, 9/2: Tough cuts upcoming on Packers' deep and talented roster

Green Bay's toughest decisions of the year will be made over the next several hours.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We're almost there. The Green Bay Packers' preseason schedule is finished after last night's 17-7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, and that means that final roster cuts are coming up shortly. Along with the 31 other teams in the NFL, the Packers will need to reach a 53-man active roster by 4:00 PM Eastern time on Saturday. Ted Thompson and company then will need to wait out the waiver wire in the hopes that certain players do not get scooped up by other teams so they can be added to Green Bay's practice squad.

We'll be tracking all of the cuts and the practice squad signings this weekend, starting this afternoon. However, the Packers typically make most (if not all) of their cuts public on Saturday, so expect word to start leaking out tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, let's look back at last night's game, which made several decisions tough on Thompson and his staff. The receiver battle got even more intriguing last night thanks to an injury, while a certain scrappy young quarterback continued to further his case for a roster spot. Who will make it onto the roster? Stay tuned to find out.

All that's left for Packers is to make decisions |
The Packers have less than 36 hours to go until tomorrow's deadline. What does that mean for Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson? NO! SLEEP! TILL CUTDOWN!

New punter Jacob Schum gets off on right foot |
Schum got a heavy workload in his debut, punting eight times and putting up very good numbers: a 45.5-yard gross average with a 41.3-yard net.

Davis injury might decide WRs |
Trevor Davis went down with a shoulder injury early in the game last night - if he is placed on Injured Reserve, that could help clear up the wideout battle and might even open a spot for Geronimo Allison.

Joe Callahan decision could impact Green Bay Packers receivers - ESPN
Brett Hundley says he'll be ready for week one, so if that's the case I think there's no decision to be made. Sure, Callahan played pretty well this summer, but well enough that another team will sign him to their active roster? My gut says no.

Fred Taylor says the NFL referred him to doctors who overlooked serious injuries -
Oh boy. Here's another situation that makes the NFL look like they are avoiding proper diagnoses to get a better financial situation. A few friends and I in a fantasy football league nicknamed Taylor "Boom Boom" because of his knee and other injuries, but to his credit, he fought through them and became one of the NFL's most productive runners of all time.

Teddy Bridgewater: We will 'attack my rehab' -
Speaking of injuries, the Vikings' QB made his first public statement since Tuesday's injury and he is staying positive and keeping his eye on his return next season and his team's success this year.