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Introducing the 2016 Packers Offense Drinking Game

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Did watching Green Bay with the football on Sunday night drive you to drink? Here’s one way to have a little extra fun with it.

NFL: New England Patriots at Green Bay Packers Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers fans have spent much of this week wringing their hands over the state of the offense and of Aaron Rodgers. The team picked up just 263 yards of total offense in its 17-14 loss to the Vikings on Sunday night, and it was downright painful to watch at times.

So what better way to dull the pain than with alcohol? As Packers fans, we have plenty of tremendous libations to help us do just that (here’s looking at you, New Glarus Brewing), so we’re going to marry frustration with the playcaller and quarterback with our taste for booze with the 2016 Packers’ Offense Drinking Game.

The rules are simple: any time one of the following things happens, drink the number of drinks specified. A drink can be whatever size you wish - just make sure that if you do drink, please do so responsibly.

Got more ideas for the game? Post them in the comments. And thanks to everyone who helped come up with these ideas.

1 Drink

  • Outside RB toss play
  • Davante Adams gets his hands on the football but doesn’t make the catch
  • Randall Cobb takes a handoff out of the backfield
  • Packers line up with a fullback or two tight ends (i.e. non-11 personnel)
  • Eddie Lacy lines up at wide receiver
  • James Starks is tackled for a loss after trying to bounce outside
  • Aaron Rodgers and receiver are not on the same page on a back-shoulder fade
  • Rodgers tries to scramble out of a clean pocket
  • Game announcers mention Jordy Nelson’s torn ACL
  • A receiver not named Nelson, Cobb, or Adams takes a snap on offense

2 Drinks

  • Packers call a timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty
  • Fullback dive
  • Davante Adams gets his hands on the football and can’t make the catch, but draws a defensive pass interference penalty
  • Packers throw a pass 20 or more yards downfield on 3rd and short
  • Draw play on 3rd and long

Finish Your Drink

  • Shotgun handoff on 3rd or 4th and short
  • Half the OL pass-blocks while the other half run-blocks
  • Mike McCarthy loses a challenge