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APC Podcast, Week 3: Enemy perspective with Mike Payton of Pride of Detroit

The podcast crew is back this week with a rival Detroit blogger to break down Sunday's matchup.

After a tough road loss to the Vikings, the APC Podcast crew have convened in a Chinatown kitchen—mostly shirted—to talk about the defeat. To grieve and to grow.

Wait, what am I talking about? The quarterback is broken! HALP!


Anyway, I seem to recall a certain Official Podcast Witch foretelling of a slow start for our beloved Pack, and cautioning against freaking out. I think I smell a flashback coming on.

After that, it's on to the home opener against the Detroit Lions. We welcome fellow SB Nation underling and Pride of Detroit writer Mike Payton to the show for an outsider perspective. Apartently Eddie Lacy "isn't the answer" and Mike McCarthy needs to get punched in the face. Who knew?

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Today's guest is Mike Payton: @POD_Payton