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Solve these Packers Anagrams of current and former players and coaches

Hey all! Given that we're on our bye week, let's have some fun while we wait for the next game!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

This is a little different, everyone. While we are waiting for the Green Bay Packers to get out of their bye week, I figured I was test you guys to see how well you know the people on our team. I ran the names of current Packers players through an anagram solver, and let's see what you make of them.

For instance, "Andorra Ogres". I'm pretty sure many of you can guess who that is. I will also run some former Packers players and coaches through the anagram generator as well.

Have fun, everyone!

Current Packers Players

  • Jenny Drools
  • Data Saved Man
  • Cab Barn Doll
  • Deadly Ice
  • Radar Breeds Jibe
  • Jeans Jiff
  • Metro Gym Tony
  • A Cord Joke
  • Orchard Girders
  • Karmas Jests
  • Arguably Ban
  • Bad Diva Hair Kit
  • Emailed Inks
  • Linger To You
  • Jade One Tons
  • Watch Ma Style
  • Jeep Rips Lupus
  • Cry Pen Ink
  • Hates Mojo
  • Banner Mug Trot
  • Thailand Inch Ox
  • May Chid He
  • Nine Quills Torn
  • Dash Smiles
  • Carbon Mossy


  • Cedar Mops
  • Reeking Even
  • Cream Thick My
  • Ban Detergent
  • Spacemen Jam
  • Minnows Toss
  • Comment Lets

Former Packers

  • Mend Hotspot
  • Hard Mr My Up
  • Fatter Verb
  • Ignore Elk Hmm
  • Frown Lo
  • Jam Kid Know So
  • Brokers Robot
  • Sharpeners Gilt
  • Where Tie Gig
  • Belly Router
  • Blob Wren Grit
  • Manic Lovebird
  • Star At Brr
  • Chanty Skier
  • Advise I Will
  • Gonna Hurl Up
  • Arm Lit Joy
  • Hounds Ton
  • Macau Bull Rye
  • Bowled Dory
  • Fret Ergs Grog
  • Hangmen Era
  • Valid Nerd Rod
  • A Baleful Dime
  • Payback Genre Res

And finally, here are a couple of APC writers as well:

  • Eastern Newt Vex
  • Caverns Tomb Fun