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Cheese Curds, 1/10: Packers' Offensive Line shut down Giants & looks for similar success in Dallas

Does anybody pass-block better than Green Bay's line? We don't think so.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

If I said that the Green Bay Packers have the best pair of starting offensive tackles in the NFL, would anyone disagree?

Sure, the Dallas Cowboys have a good tandem with Tyron Smith and Doug Free, but David Bakhtiari and Bryan Bulaga have played as well as any pair all season long. Furthermore, neither player has missed a game this season (*knocks on wood*), which is one of the key reasons for both their success and the resurgence of the Packers' offense as a whole.

After making an elite pass rusher in Olivier Vernon a complete non-factor two days ago, the line turns its attention over to the Dallas defense, which does not have a defensive lineman who is held in nearly as high of regard as Vernon. That means that Aaron Rodgers should have time to throw once again, which he will need against a strong Cowboys secondary.

In today's curds, we examine the line at length and find a few other nuggets of information about the Packers as we begin looking ahead to Dallas.

Packers' offensive line doesn't shy away from extended play |
The line had just as critical a role in the Hail Mary as they did on Aaron Rodgers' first touchdown pass, giving him at least six seconds on both plays to get set up for the throw. Next week, they face a mediocre Cowboys pass rush, and should be able to keep Rodgers clean once again.

McGinn: Rating the Packers vs. Giants |
David Bakhtiari held the Giants' Olivier Vernon to just two pressures in the entire game, and Bryan Bulaga locked down the right side as well.

'36-year-old Julius Peppers' still going strong as Packers head to Dallas - ESPN
Peppers' practice workload has been conserved over the second half of the season in an effort to keep him fresh for the playoff run; after one game, at least, it appears that the move was the right one.

Randall Cobb’s 3rd touchdown reception against the Giants may have been his best -
Check out the leap by Cobb on this dart by Rodgers; it almost looks like he shouldn't be able to get to that football.

Deshaun Watson won a national title, but now he might get drafted by the Browns or Bears -
Congratulations to Clemson on their come-from-behind win last night. But we're still drooling when we think about the Packers' offense with Alabama tight end O.J. Howard.