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Cheese Curds, 1/13: History of Packers-Cowboys is much more than just a sneak and a (non-)catch

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We know about the big plays from the Ice Bowl and the 2014 playoff matchups between these teams, but let’s look at some of the lesser-known history.

Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Everyone who is a fan of the Green Bay Packers knows about Bart Starr’s quarterback sneak in the Ice Bowl. The Packers’ quarterback sealed his team’s victory in the 1967 NFL Championship and sent the Packers to Super Bowl II.

Two years ago, Dez Bryant’s overturned catch on 4th and 2 sealed a 26-21 Packers win in the Divisional Playoffs at Lambeau Field, sending the Packers to Seattle where they [ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND].

However, what do you know about the 1966 NFL Championship? Or a memorable Packers upset of Dallas in the early 1970s? It is those games that we focus on in some of today’s Cheese Curds, as we look back at the long and exciting history between these two legendary franchises.

Ty Montgomery ready for Dallas homecoming |
The Packers’ running back grew up in the Dallas area, and he got to play at old Texas Stadium as a 9-year old in Pop Warner football. He also sold concessions at the old stadium, but has not played in AT&T Stadium yet.

Dorsey the ideal option as next Packers GM |
Bob McGinn isn’t a fan of waiting for Eliot Wolf; instead, he sees John Dorsey, the current Chiefs GM, as the best choice to replace Ted Thompson. The timing might work out even better than initially reported, as Dorsey’s contract actually runs through the 2018 Draft instead of expiring this offseason. That would allow Ted one more full season before taking his leave.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers look to ride momentum past Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys | ESPN
ESPN’s team columnists examine the stats to see which team has the advantage in Sunday’s matchup.

Packers vs. Cowboys: The Complete History |
This video is about six minutes long, but is worth it to break down the entire history between these two teams, which stretches back to their first game at City Stadium in 1960.

Packers-Cowboys: A Playoff Rivalry as Old as the Super Bowl Itself |
The 1966 NFL Championship is the Packers’ only playoff win in Dallas, as they won at the Cotton Bowl 34-27. The fact that the game was played there was due to the league alternating home sits between the Eastern and Western conference, despite the Packers coming in with a 12-2 record compared to the Cowboys’ 10-3-1.

49ers soon to become the only NFL team without a head coach |
The notable item in this piece is that there is a source that indicates Brian Gutekunst is high on the 49ers’ GM list, perhaps above Eliot Wolf. Here’s the quote from the report:

One source told that the 49ers are high on Green Bay director of player personnel Brian Gutekunst. The belief, according to the source, is the 49ers would be comfortable hiring Gutekunst or Minnesota assistant general manager George Paton to work with either McDaniels or Shanahan.