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NFL Playoffs Fantasy Advice: Do you doubt Aaron Rodgers in the Divisional Round?

Rodgers continues to loom large in fantasy, but questions about receivers.

NFL: NFC Wild Card-New York Giants at Green Bay Packers The Post-Crescent-USA TODAY Sports

The second round of the playoffs brings us a few more interesting games. One of the important things is there are four teams worth of valuable fantasy players who were all sitting out last week. Here is what to think about this week.


Rodgers comes in as the most expensive DFS quarterback in both Draft Kings and FanDuel. This makes him valuable, but maybe not a deal. The price point is probably accurate. We are talking about someone who has four touchdown passes in each of his last three games. If you started Rodgers in your Playoff Challenge (as I did) then he gives you double points this week. If your quarterback was knocked out or played poorly then remember that Tom Brady will be playing this week and the Patriots have a good chance of getting through a diminished AFC. His numbers could be far more valuable in the coming weeks.

Dak Prescott faces a troubled Packers secondary. Still, the secondary played very well against a very good receiving corps last week. Yes, some of that was due to drops, but not terrible play. Dak, unlike Eli, will get a home game as well. Still, the factor of a rookie quarterback in his first playoff game is not something favoring him. If you are looking for a value pick, Russell Wilson is your man. Wilson costs only $6,900 in Draft Kings and $8,200 in FanDuel. He will have to get points up this week on the road in Atlanta. This require more passing than usual for the Seahawks.

Running Backs

Ty Montgomery comes in having been nice though not extremely productive. Montgomery is right in the price area of LeGarrette Blount ($5,800 in Draft Kings and $7,300 in FanDuel) and Spencer Ware ($5,200 in Draft Kings and $6,900 in FanDuel). Given the option, I would rather have either of those running backs over Montgomery. It is possible that Montgomery finds himself more in the passing game without Jordy Nelson, but maybe those catches go to Geronimo Allison. The other factor is the continued increase in the use of Christine Michael. No real way of telling how much use he will get. Montgomery might have a high ceiling, but there is too much risk for me.

Ezekiel Elliott is the second most-expensive running back in DFS. Le’Veon Bell is the most expensive. If you started Bell in the Playoff Challenge last week, you are feeling pretty good right now. Continue to roll with him as he has a decent chance of moving on again. Elliott is a great add in the Playoff Challenge. You have to figure the #1 seeded Cowboys still have a decent chance of advancing and he definitely put up numbers against the Packers last time they played. Elliott is rather expensive in DFS and players like Devonta Freeman ($5,900 Draft Kings and $7,600 FanDuel) and Blount could be very valuable and still save you money (maybe so you can start Rodgers).

Wide Receivers

If you started Jordy Nelson in your Playoff Challenge (as I did), they you had to suffer through the one catch game and you still will not get the benefit of having him moving on to the second round. Randall Cobb had the big game last week with the three touchdowns. That is not a pace he can keep and he will return to the mean. Davante Adams is the player you want to start. He will definitely be the target monster on the Packers this week. Adams might be a little expensive ($7,000 in Draft Kings and $7,400 in FanDuel), but he should be worth it. Randall Cobb is just $6,500 in FanDuel this week and $5,700 in Draft Kings. He could still be a very valuable WR2 or WR3. The huge difference in value between the two sites means that Cobb is more valuable in Draft Kings comparatively (even considering the $10,000 in additional salary cap on FanDuel).

Dez Bryant is among the top five in salary in both sites this week. He is a bit boom or bust and it can be risky putting that much money in Dez Bryant. The more interesting name coming out of Dallas is Cole Beasley. Beasley is a tricky slot receiver, the sort that gives the Packers fits underneath. In the PPR format, Beasley has good value. At $5,000 in Draft Kings and $6,100 in Fan Duel, Beasley is just below Cobb for cap hit. Beasley could be an interesting player if the Cowboys win and you can get the bonus multiplier against either Seattle or Atlanta.

Two other receivers to consider are Tyreek Hill ($6,600 FanDuel and $5,500 Draft Kings) and Taylor Gabriel ($5,500 FanDuel and $4,400 Draft Kings). Hill has been explosive this year. He has the ability to score quickly. Kansas City looks to use him in a variety of ways and he should see plenty of touches this week. The Steelers are likely to put up points and Kansas City will use Hill to stay in this game. Gabriel is the sort of match up player you want against Seattle. He can do the gadget things and make the short, chain moving things you need if you want to beat Seattle. Atlanta will run with Freeman and Tevin Coleman and Julio Jones will stretch the field, but look for Gabriel to get a good look this week . Taylor Gabriel could be the key WR3 that carries you.