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APC Podcast, NFC Championship Week: Breaking down Packers-Falcons with Corey Behnke

New, comments cofounder Corey Behnke joins to discuss the view from the stands and why fans shouldn't take playoff football for granted.

The Packers dispensed of the Cowboys in dramatic fashion on Sunday with a 34-31 victory in Dallas. They advance to the NFC Championship game where they will play the Falcons in Atlanta.

To bring the fan-experience perspective, we’re joined by co-founder Corey Behnke, who was there in Dallas to see it all unfold. He joined us while en route to Atlanta where he will be attending this weekend’s game, as well. In fact, Behnke, an unapologetic super fan, has attended nearly every Packers playoff game since the mid 2000’s. Talk about dedication.

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