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Cheese Curds, 1/19: Nelson discusses his rib injury, Rodgers on big hands

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Green Bay needs to avoid turnovers on Sunday as they have done recently, and they have a secret weapon in doing so.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

As the Green Bay Packers have won eight straight games, winning the turnover battle has been a critical factor. The team is +16 in that category over their streak, with Aaron Rodgers throwing just a single interception - which happened on Sunday in Dallas.

One of the other quiet improvements that Rodgers has made is not only his ball security when he throws, but also when he's running or being hit. Rodgers has been credited with eight total fumbles this season, four of which were recovered by the Packers and four by opponents. However, since the streak began, Rodgers has lost control of the football just once, and that was on a strange snap exchange against the Houston Texans. That comes despite taking 19 sacks over that span.

On Wednesday, Rodgers had some insights into why he has been able to hold onto the ball despite taking some hard hits, and we look at that comment and much more in today's Cheese Curds.

Jordy Nelson breathing easy again after rib injury |
Nelson was back at practice on Wednesday, albeit on a limited basis, but his status for Sunday in Atlantta will all come down to his pain tolerance.

A healthy Randall Cobb gives Atlanta Falcons another tough challenge - ESPN
Cobb wasn't on the field the last time these two teams played - one of many key players for the Packers who were inactive that day - and with so many receivers banged up, Cobb will likely be in for a heavy workload.

Aaron Rodgers on big play in Pack win: 'Size matters' -
HAND SIZE. Come on, what were you thinking? Rodgers was asked how he held on to the football when Jeff Heath sacked him moments before his big play to Jared Cook.

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers saved the Packers' season |
If putting the bulls-eye squarely on your own back and taking it off your teammates' isn't leadership, then I don't know what is. Funny how we haven't heard any criticisms of Rodgers' ability to lead over the last eight games, isn't it?

Micah Hyde's small-town roots have come up big for the Packers -
Hyde is from Fostoria, Ohio, which is about an hour south of Toledo. The Packers' coaching staff talked about Hyde as being an every-down player this summer, and he's been showing why that's the case over the last two months or so.

Packers could exploit Falcons' flaws on returns |
The Falcons allowed three huge returns against the Seahawks and an aging Devin Hester: kickoffs of 50 and 78 yards, and an 80-yard punt return that was called back for a hold. Perhaps this would be a chance for Jeff Janis to bust a big one. In addition, Trevor Davis broke a 55-yard punt return in the first game between the two teams.

Super Bowl 51 will be officiated by ref Travis Kelce said shouldn't work 'at 'f***ing Foot Locker' -
That's Carl Cheffers, who worked the Chiefs-Steelers game on Sunday and threw a holding flag on Kansas City tackle Eric Fisher during a tying two-point conversion.