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Cheese Curds, 1/27: On Bakhtiari's domination, Nelson's comeback, and Shields' legal case

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Several individuals in Green Bay are being honored, while one is heading to court soon.

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Today wraps up the final day of the first week without Green Bay Packers football, and what a week it has been. On Monday we were still trying to process the loss to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship, but by Thursday we had moved on to processing Mike McCarthy's season-ending press conference.

McCarthy gave us plenty to process, too. From the announcement that Tom Clements is leaving to throwing his support behind Dom Capers to confirming that Ted Thompson isn't going anywhere, McCarthy made headlines just hours after telling 620 WTMJ that he wouldn't be making headlines.

However, there's more going on with some individual Packers, even though they have all gone their separate ways for the offseason. David Bakhtiari gets some well-earned recognition this week, while Jordy Nelson's impressive return from injury is acknowledged as well. And then there's legal cases underway for one Packer as well.

Let's wrap up this week here as we prepare for the Senior Bowl and Pro Bowl this weekend.

Mike McCarthy: Packers' D has to address CBs, pass rush not coordinator - ESPN
In this follow-up to McCarthy's Thursday press conference, there's a look at which positions are actually critical to the roster (hint: not offensive guard) and which ones are the so-called "primary positions." Not surprisingly, corners and pass rush are on top of that list for the defense.

Best Pass Protector | LT David Bakhtiari | PFF
Why was Bakh named the bess pass-blocker in the league by PFF? Not only did he have ridiculous success, but it was the conditions under which he worked - Aaron Rodgers had some of the longest average time to throw in the NFL and pass-blocked more than twice as much as he run-blocked.

Packers to be more aggressive in free agency? -
That's what's Ian Rapoport believes. "From what I'm told," he says, "I would think the Packers are going to go and get some free agents this year." Take this report with a full block of salt, however.

Jordy Nelson collects another comeback player award |
Jordy now has the award from two sources - the Pro Football Writers of America, as well as the Sporting News, whose award is voted on by NFL players.

Celebrity lawyer representing Shields on pot charge |
One of the attorneys whom Sam Shields has hired to assist with his legal case is a veteran of many legal proceedings involving NFL players. Peter Frankel has worked with Plaxico Burress and Braylon Edwards, as well as other celebrities like the Wu-Tang Clan.

NFL's new Skills Showdown was exactly what the Pro Bowl needed -
Several years ago, the NHL faced dreadful ratings in their All-Star Game, and they instituted their Skills Competition, which now is a better draw than the game itself. The NFL would do well to market the hell out of this event next year and find a way to make it a much bigger part of Pro Bowl weekend.