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NFL Playoff Weather: Temperature for Giants-Packers expected in the teens

The weather conditions for Sunday’s Wild Card game look positively balmy compared to those when the Packers and Giants met back in 2007.

NFC Championship: New York Giants v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers are no strangers to cold weather. They have already played one game this season in which the temperature at kickoff was pushing single digits, and another game came in extremely sloppy, snowy conditions.

That bitterly cold game took place three weeks ago at Soldier Field, when the Packers beat the Chicago Bears 30-27. The game-time temperature was given as 11 degrees Fahrenheit, for a game which kicked off at 12 Noon Central. The snowy game was another two weeks prior - the Packers’ 21-13 victory over the Houston Texans.

So what should fans expect from Mother Nature when the Packers kick off against the New York Giants on Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field?

As of Friday morning, temperatures were in the negative numbers in and around Green Bay, with a wind chill advisory in effect. However, both the local TV meteorologists as well as those on expect the temperatures to pick up a bit as we approach Sunday.

Channel 2 (WBAY) has the Sunday high at 15 degrees, with a low of 11. FOX11 says a high of 12 is expected and a low of 9. And has the balmiest prediction, with a 16-degree high dropping to 11 degrees on Sunday night. All three sources, however, are expecting clear skies and light winds, in the 5- to 10-mile-per-hour range.

Considering the fact that both the Packers’ and Giants’ offenses like to throw the ball with regularity, this should bode well for both teams. A temperature in the mid-teens with mild winds will both ensure that the wind chill does not become unbearable, nor should it significantly affect the flight of the football.

To be sure, it appears that temperatures in this game will be much warmer than the 2007 playoff meeting between these teams that made Tom Coughlin’s red face into a meme (before internet memes even really existed): that game had a temperature at kickoff of negative-1 degree, with a wind chill of minus-23.