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The APC Podcast, Week 5: Recapping Packers-Cowboys and previewing Vikings

Stephen A Smith made headlines this week when he pondered whether Aaron Rodgers was tiring of the Packers’ defensive struggles.

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Hot off the heels of another instant classic in Dallas—in which Aaron Rodgers put aaaaall of his skills on display during the final drive—ESPN’s Stephen A Smith stirred the pot as only he can. The seasoned purveyor of cable tv sports takes told ESPN Madison’s TJ Hogan and Tony Cartagena that he wouldn’t be surprised if Rodgers was growing tired of Green Bay’s defensive struggles, and may want to go elsewhere. We address these remarks, but not before giving priority to the actual headlines coming out of the Green Bay Packers thrilling 35-31 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

After that, we’re joined by SB Nation’s own Arif Hasan to look ahead to this weekend’s game against the Minnesota Vikings.

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