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Cheese Curds, 10/13: Kendricks explains sitting for anthem; college offenses invade NFL

One Packer who took a seat this season gives a thoughtful account of what drove him to do it and the internal conflict he faced.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

One of the quieter demonstrations during the national anthem this year was carried out by Green Bay Packers tight end Lance Kendricks. His name was a surprise addition to the ranks of players who have demonstrated this season, in part because of the military tradition in his family and his own experiences in his youth.

However, Kendricks did choose to sit and, like the other players around the league who have sat or kneeled or otherwise demonstrated, he took a heavy dose of criticism for it. This week, Kendricks is trying to get people to think about the reasons he did so rather than focusing on the demonstration itself, and his words deserve to be heard.

So before anyone rushes to judgment on Kendricks’ actions, let’s make sure to take a listen to the reasons for them and the personal struggle that he went through in making the decision to carry them out.

Meanwhile, in a fun look at what happens after the opening kickoff, we get a great look at how several offensive concepts have made their way back into the NFL from the college game. The Packers aren’t about to start running a bunch of triple-option, but Mike McCarthy has certainly taken some of what’s going on around the country at both the NFL and NCAA levels and adapting it to his offense.

Packers' Lance Kendricks explains why he sat for national anthem |
Whether you agree or disagree with his decision, I urge you to read his explanation of why he sat -- because of his family’s connection to Puerto Rico and because he is deeply troubled by the lack of response to the devastation there -- as well as his personal conflict in deciding to do so. He also voices his frustration and the offense he takes when told to just stick to sports.

NFL football 2017: Embracing college offense made the pros fun again -
The Packers have incorporated a few of these concepts, with a little bit of zone-read and plenty of run-pass options. They're not quite to the level of college inspiration that the Chiefs and Panthers are using, but that's understandable given the team's personnel.

Eagles' defense shines in win over Panthers -
That creativity didn't help Carolina much last night, however, as the Eagles asserted themselves as one of the top teams in the NFC with a big road win.

Packers' defense wanted to close it out |
After appearing to stop Ezekiel Elliott on fourth down but having the play overturned on replay, the leaders on the defense are disappointed with the unit's inability to get a stop and close out the game last Sunday.

Mike McCarthy is dialing up the right stuff for Aaron Rodgers | Packers Wire
Rodgers said as much in his mid-week interview, praising his head coach for his playcalling this year, particularly in the red zone and on third downs. He also acknowledges that the team has been executing well so far, however, something that he says "hadn't been as consistent over the years."

Packers' Ty Montgomery dons flak jacket, takes hits on broken ribs - ESPN
The Packers' starting running back made it through practice in pads on Thursday, and he says that he felt "fine." Expect him to be in the lineup on Sunday, though he probably will not be on the field for 90% of the team's offensive snaps again.

Ezekiel Elliott could begin 6-game suspension after appellate court sides with NFL -
The league says that Elliott needs to begin his suspension immediately, but his legal team is still trying to find a way to put that ban on hold.