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Cheese Curds, 10/17: Packers angry over hit on Rodgers, but ready to move on with Hundley

Nobody was happy about how Sunday’s game went, least of all the Packers’ head coach.

NFL: Green Bay Packers- Practice Wisconsin-USA TODAY NETWORK

We’ve made it nearly 48 hours after Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone on a hit from Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr. It probably doesn’t hurt any less for Rodgers, and it certainly doesn’t hurt any less for the Green Bay Packers as a whole, but everybody now needs to move forward with the situation.

For the Packers, that means continuing on through the rest of this season (presumably) with Brett Hundley as the starting quarterback. This week be Brett Hundley Week here at APC, as we prepare for the third-year quarterback’s first start against the Saints on Sunday.

Still, it’s hard to get the sting of the hit out of our minds, and that is clearly the case for the Packers’ players and coaches. Perhaps surprisingly, our poll after the hit found that just 23% of responders felt that Barr should have been flagged for it; however, you can certainly count a few Packers and Mike McCarthy among that minority.

Here’s a look at what’s going on in Green Bay as the team begins to prepare for the Saints.

McCarthy: 'We're not going to play like that anymore' |
The Packers' head coach was livid on Monday, both with his team's performance against the Vikings and with a reporter who asked if the team would give a certain former 49ers quarterback a phone call.

Mike McCarthy says hit on Aaron Rodgers was 'an illegal act' |
McCarthy was also very unhappy with the hit that broke Rodgers' collarbone, as were several members of the team -- particularly the outside linebackers. Ahmad Brooks is a newcomer to the team, but he and guard Jahri Evans both expressed frustration with the timing of the hit and the decision by Anthony Barr to drive Rodgers into the ground.

Aaron Rodgers’ absence may affect Davante Adams’ contract negotiations | Packers Wire
Adams is due for a contract next offseason regardless, but if he steps up his game in Rodgers' absence he'll be in for an even bigger payday.

Brett Hundley has chip on his shoulder, camera in hand; singer at home - ESPN
Of course, it's now full speed ahead for Hundley, who leads an interesting life off the field. He's a budding photographer, his wife is a musician, and he's involved with a charity that supports individuals with epilepsy.

NFL - Teams most impacted by injuries in the 2017 season - ESPN
Fans of other NFL teams can now officially shut up about the Packers' injury issues not really being that bad.

Saints' invigorated defense makes the NFC a more interesting place -
The New Orleans defense over the last few weeks is very different than the one that the Saints have been known for in recent years - they're forcing turnovers and scoring points on that side of the football. But is it sustainable?