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Packers vs. Saints, Week 7: First half game updates & discussion

Join APC for the first half of Brett Hundley’s first start.

New Orleans Saints v Green Bay Packers

It’s Hundley time.

Brett Hundley, the Green Bay Packers’ third-year quarterback, makes his first start today in place of the injured Aaron Rodgers. The two-time MVP had surgery for a broken collarbone this week and was placed on injured reserve this Friday.

The team now turns to Hundley to keep the team afloat and maintain their hopes for an NFC North title and a playoff berth. That journey starts today, with the New Orleans Saints in town to play a week seven game at Lambeau Field.

Hundley should have both of the Packers’ great offensive tackles in front of him, but one starter on the offensive line — Lane Taylor — is sitting out with his own injuries.

In case you need a refresher on how and when to tune in for today's game, click over to our Game Primer to find all of those details. We hope you’ll join us in the comments here for a live game thread.

Go Pack Go!

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