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Cheese Curds, 10/23: Packers media takes McCarthy to task for Saints game plan

Most of the stories on this Monday morning involve some form of criticism of the Packers coach’s conservative approach.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When the Green Bay Packers went into a shell of their normal offense a week ago against the Minnesota Vikings, it was understandable. They had just lost two-time MVP Aaron Rodgers, and found themselves at one point missing three starters on the offensive line. That’s a recipe for disaster, especially against one of the most fearsome defensive fronts in the NFL.

Seven days later, the Packers seemed to barely change their philosophy from how they operated against Minnesota, despite playing at home, with a week of preparation, and against a Saints defense that — while improved — is still nowhere near the Vikings’.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that most of the criticism of the Packers after their 26-17 loss to the Saints falls on Mike McCarthy’s shoulders. We find several pieces for today’s Curds that examine his approach for the offense, while also looking ahead to the future after the Packers’ bye week.

Brett Hundley disappointed, but not discouraged |
Both Hundley and McCarthy appeared to try to take the blame after the game on Sunday, as the quarterback said the team has to execute while the head coach explicitly said to put the blame on him. Neither one was throwing the other under the bus, which probably means that both deserve equal amounts of blame.

Packers may have to unleash Brett Hundley to save offense - ESPN
Of course, the argument here (and from us at APC) is that McCarthy can't keep holding Hundley back. Hundley did say that "the emphasis was just making plays with my legs today," a gameplan which clearly didn't work.

Packers can’t win by playing it safe with Brett Hundley |
Pete Dougherty goes a step farther, making an impassioned argument for letting the offense loose. McCarthy was determined not to let Hundley lose the game, but in doing so, he didn’t give the quarterback an opportunity to win it.

Winners and losers from Packers’ 26-17 loss to Saints | Packers Wire
Aaron Jones was obviously the big winner on Sunday, averaging 7.7 yards per carry and providing the team's biggest play of the game on the opening drive.

Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers may be able to return late in season |
But there's good news! If this schedule holds, Rodgers could start practicing when he's eligible six weeks from now, with a chance to return for the game against the Panthers. Now if the Packers can just stay afloat until then...

Cowboys used a safety as kicker and 6 more things we loved about the NFL in Week 7 -
Dan Bailey suffered a groin injury, so Jeff Heath had to come in and serve as the Cowboys' emergency kicker on Sunday. He did successfully convert one place-kick, though it donked in off the upright.