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The APC Podcast, Week 4 Recap: Breaking down the first quarter of the Packers’ season

Peter Bukowski stops by the podcast to discuss a host of topics as the Packers close the book on the first quarter of the season

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It was recently pointed out to me that the term “quarter pole” is meant to indicate the final quarter mile of a horse race, and as such, its common use after week four of the NFL season is inappropriate.

Don’t care.

The Green Bay Packers have rounded the quarter pole, having defeated the Chicago Bears soundly on Thursday Night Football to move to 3-1. There’s plenty to digest in Packer world, and we’re happy to be joined by Peter Bukowski to break it all down.

  • Should Davante Adams suit up or sit out?
  • Has Martellus Bennet been a disappointment so far?
  • Did McCarthy overuse Ty Montgomery?
  • Has the sun set on the Age of Damarious?
  • Did anyone actually watch that show Becker?

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