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Martellus Bennett passes physical, participates in Patriots practice

Let’s try to read into what this means for the Packers moving forward.

New England Patriots Practice Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The plot continues to thicken around Martellus Bennett. A day after being claimed on waivers by the New England Patriots, Bennett has apparently passed his physical exam.

This can be easily inferred by the fact that Bennett was in uniform at New England’s practice on Friday morning in Foxboro. Not only is there photo evidence of his presence, but he also apparently participated in the warmup period.

One big question on many fans’ minds is how Bennett could have failed a physical with the Packers, while passing when he arrived in New England, all while reportedly having a torn rotator cuff. One potential reason for this difference is different approaches by training staffs. Former Packers exec Andrew Brandt noted that this “happens more than people think.”

At best, this situation would boil down to a difference in diagnosis of the injury by a pair of different medical staffs. At worst, it is an indication that Bennett gave up on the Packers’ season following Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone injury.

Regardless, Bennett’s ability to practice today will almost certainly be a key component in the Packers’ attempt to recoup the prorated portion of the signing bonus from the contract he signed as a free agent this spring. As Brandt often notes: “there will be lawyers.”