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Packers Fantasy Recap: Ups and downs from Green Bay’s week 10 win in Chicago

A rough win and more injuries make some Packers players interesting moving forward, but maybe not as starters in standard leagues.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

As the season rolls along, we are slowly learning some things about all the players who did not start the season on your fantasy rosters. While we as Green Bay Packers fans have suffered through the trials of an injury-plagued season, Packers fantasy owners have had a similar run. Here is where things are after the game against the Bears.

Brett Hundley

Hundley’s numbers were okay in terms of a fantasy day. He completed 18 of 25 passes for 212 yards and a touchdown. The additional rushing yards boosted his performance slightly. Not a great day, but a solid performance. There were 20 QBs around the league who scored more points, so you are not moving Hundley into the realm of starting fantasy QBs (though he did outscore Drew Brees and Dak Prescott this week).

Now, Hundley had 14.1 points on 25 attempts (granted some points were for rushing). That would be 0.56 points per attempt. Compare this to some of the QBs that scored more total points than Hundley this week: Drew Stanton - 0.32, Philip Rivers - 0.41, Ben Roethlisberger - 0.58, and Russell Wilson - 0.61. The biggest problem was that Hundley did not attempt nearly as many passes as these other players. Before decrying the Bears as terrible, note that the Bears were 10th in the NFL in DVOA pass defense coming into the game. This was a good defense. Hundley is a low-end QB2 until the Packers trust him enough to throw more.

Ty Montgomery / Aaron Jones / Jamaal Williams

Well, we have three names at the RB position this week. Here is where we are after the Bears game. Aaron Jones is gone for the next three to six weeks. Since most leagues will start their playoffs in Week 14, you can expect to not see him until the playoffs at the earliest. This is bad news if you are just hanging on or trying to make a push for the playoffs. If you can get Jamaal Williams, you should. Montgomery is also facing some injury woes. Williams might just be the most stable back for the time being. The Packers have been leaning on run and the play action more. Williams will have some value as an RB2 in most formats. He has been good at falling forward and getting positive yards. His volume should make him a good pick up this week if you are desperate.

Jordy Nelson / Davate Adams / Randall Cobb

Adams has turned into the top WR on the team in recent weeks. Adams had as many targets as Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb combined last week (8). Adams got the lone touchdown reception and was the only deep threat in the game. Hard to tell if this is a schematic thing or a comfort thing with Hundley. Still, Adams is the only WR who still seems to put up starting WR numbers in fantasy with Hundley. Nelson and Cobb are on the field, but just are not getting you the targets and production you wanted when you drafted them. Nelson is the more disappointing play since you drafted him early and planned on him being a solid WR1. Now, you are looking at him as a Flex option and Cobb is a reach. Cobb’s use in the running game last week might give him a higher ceiling than expected, but he should only be started as a Flex in deeper leagues.

Lance Kendricks / Richard Rodgers

The TE spot has not given you the value you hoped it would. There were just three targets for TEs against Chicago. Neither player did anything to make you think they can fill in as a streaming option in the coming weeks. You really should not roster either player.