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Cheese Curds, 11/22: Packers need to find ways to solve Steelers’ resurgent defense

Pittsburgh didn’t quite have a top-ten defense last year, but they sure do now.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers are going from facing one of the best defenses in the NFL this season to...another one of the best.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on deck, and they enter the teams’ week 12 game in the top five in several notable defensive stats. They’re second in points allowed, fourth in yards allowed, and they’re top five in overall DVOA, and DVOA against both the run and pass.

Not great, Bob.

How will the Packers attack that stout unit? That’s an excellent question, and one that we don’t have a good answer for. So let’s just read on and not worry about it too much, shall we?

For Brett Hundley’s sake, Jamaal Williams must play lead role |
It’s plain to see that the Packers have been competitive with Brett Hundley when they’ve had a productive running game, and have struggled without one. This week that will be particularly put to the test by the Steelers’ defense.

Packers goal line tendencies may have helped Ravens intercept Hundley | Packers Wire
Although a good throw from Hundley to Randall Cobb might still have been a touchdown, it appears that the Packers may have been too predictable in their playcall down near the goal-line early in the Ravens game.

What You Might've Missed: Three's company |
Looking back at the film of the defense from Sunday's game against Baltimore, there was a common trend - three Packers defenders playing stout at the point of attack. It was often a different trio on different plays as well.

Vince Biegel is focused on his role with Packers, not on T.J. Watt - ESPN
Biegel doesn't worry himself about things he can't control, like Watt's career in Pittsburgh. Sure, the two friends and former teammates will catch up on Sunday, but #45 is laser-focused on his own game.

NFL Panic Index, Week 12: Thanksgiving football worth talking about -
Here's how to handle the inevitable Thanksgiving football discussion around the dinner table. (Sorry folks, there's no guidance here on how to handle Uncle Bob, who thinks that Joe Callahan is the second coming of Brett Favre.)

Seattle Seahawks cut pass rusher Dwight Freeney -
Maybe the Packers could sign Freeney, given Clay Matthews' injury? Just a thought.