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Cheese Curds 11/6: Packers think it’s time to see what Brett Hundley can really do

Also: Giants head coach and former Packer assistant could be in big McAdoo-doo.

NFL: Green Bay Packers Practice Jim Matthews-USA TODAY Sports

With one start and a bye week to learn from, all eyes are once again on Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Hundley tonight against the Detroit Lions.

After a somewhat flashy but mostly mediocre-to-poor performance against the New Orleans Saints, Hundley had the chance to catch his breath and get his feet underneath him during the bye week after being rushed into the spotlight following Aaron Rodgers’ broken collarbone.

Of course, Hundley won’t be able to do it alone. He isn’t Rodgers. He will need all the help he can get from his supporting cast and that includes his receivers. The Packers will also have their entire starting offensive line on the field for just the second time this season. That should also help.

With rookie running back Aaron Jones emerging as a solid threat in the backfield, it’s time for the Packers and Hundley to put everything together and get things rolling. While it would be unfair t o expect Rodgers-like numbers from the offense, they have to be able to put up points lest the team rides the inconsistency-prone defense the rest of the way.

Read more on Hundley’s upcoming second start and more in today’s cheese curds.

Brett Hundley says he needs to step up in second start—Wisconsin State Journal

Having Rodgers back in the building helps, but Hundley knows the offense’s fate rests on his shoulders. How he plays against the Lions should be indicative of how the rest of the season under the former UCLA standout should go.

Packers must do a better job helping Davante Adams get open—

Receivers getting open would help Hundley tremendously and Tom Silverstein says the team could do better in helping Adams get in position to make plays

Morgan Burnett’s return could bolster defense—

Getting the quarterback of the defense back on the field should be huge for Green Bay. The safety and occasional linebacker should help fix some of the communication problems the team has had on defense.

Jared Abbrederis ready to hit in return to Green Bay—Detroit Free Press

TJ Lang’s return to Green Bay will be heavily talked about today, but the former Badgers star is also returning to his former team and home state. Abbrederis might not be catching touchdowns, but his blocking skills have earned him rave reviews with Detroit.

John Mara has no choice but to fire Jerry Reese, Ben McAdoo at the end of the season—NY Daily News

After a blowout loss to the Los Angeles Rams, it looks like another branch will fall off of Packers coach Mike McCarthy’s coaching tree.