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Cheese Curds, 11/7: Packers left searching for answers after another dismal performance

The worst part is that, at this point, the answers don’t appear to lie in the current organization.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Monday night was more of the same for the Aaron Rodgers-less Green Bay Packers.

After a bye week and a Monday night game gave the team an extra eight days to prepare for the Detroit Lions, the team came out as sloppy and listless as fans have seen in the Rodgers era, consistently making mistakes on defense and featuring an offense that could not move the ball downfield.

To make matters worse, one of the team’s top offensive linemen appears to be out for a lengthy period, and with the trade deadline behind us, there is no further opportunity to improve this roster aside from free agency. It’s been an ugly few weeks, and at this point it shows little sign of getting better.

For now, Packers fans have little to look forward to save a few favorable matchups with fellow struggling teams like the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens in the next two weeks.

Miscues come back to haunt Packers' defense against Lions |
Mike Daniels took a terrible penalty to give the Lions a first down early in the game after a would-be three-and-out, then the defense as a whole allowed the Lions to convert third downs at a 62% rate. Packers fans do and should expect more from a unit with as much talent as this defense.

No cavalry coming to save this season |
I'm with Pete Dougherty here - I also thought the Packers would perform far better in the past two games without Aaron Rodgers than they have. Especially coming off a bye, the performance and game plan were entirely unacceptable.

Green Bay Packers fear significant injury to RT Bryan Bulaga's right knee |
Based on Mike McCarthy's comments after the game, fans (and coaches) should be preparing for a long absence for the Packers' right tackle. He said that the training staff seems "very concerned" about the injury, which will rob the team of having its top five linemen together yet again.

Packers' offense unrecognizable with Brett Hundley -
Matt Harmon presents some interesting stats about the offense and Brett Hundley's performance, but does so after this doozy of an opening line: "The Packers have gone from a blissful day spa to the woebegone corner room at a highway motel in the matter of a few weeks."

Instant analysis of Packers’ lifeless loss to Lions on ‘MNF’ | Packers Wire
Here's our instant analysis:

NFL Week 9: 12 stats that tell us everything that happened this week -
Just skip the last one in the list. Otherwise, this batch of numbers sheds some interesting light on the events of week nine.