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Cheese Curds, 11/9: Martellus Bennett reactions & projecting Brett Hundley

The tight end’s release has sparked a firestorm of reactions and analysis over the past several hours.

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers dropped a bombshell on Wednesday afternoon, releasing tight end Martellus Bennett after just a half-season. We covered the specifics of the release and speculated about the financials of the move here, but there is a lot to unpack about this decision and about Bennett’s tenure in Green Bay as a whole.

In today’s Curds, we have a couple of examinations of the move and Bennett’s career, one focusing on recent events and one on the last nine months overall.

Along with the Bennett news, we find an examination of quarterback Brett Hundley. Opinions are swirling on the third-year signal-caller, and one writer in particular sees him as being the problem, not Mike McCarthy.

Check out those items and much more in today’s morning news.

Martellus Bennett's tenure with Packers essentially ended at the bye - ESPN
The Packers' inability to re-sign Jared Cook was the start of the Bennett saga, one which had fans optimistic for 2017 and beyond. Instead, Cook landed in Oakland and is having an excellent season, while Bennett's personality suddenly changed a few weeks ago.

Martellus Bennett, Packers bad fit from the start |
Tom Silverstein indicates that the Packers will surely try to go after the prorated portion of Bennett's signing bonus, but like we speculated on Wednesday, he also suggests that Bennett probably would have returned it anyway had he retired.

Packers QB Brett Hundley is handcuffing Mike McCarthy | Packers Wire
While APC's Peter Bukowski is preaching patience with Hundley, Zach Kruse says that the quarterback has not fixed the weaknesses that scouts observed in his game back in his draft year.

As a team, Packers must rise to meet the challenge |
Randall Cobb says that he and the wide receivers need to provide a spark for the team as a whole, while the defense knows that they need to start getting stops on a regular basis if they hope to start adding to the number in the win column.

Ben McAdoo has given the New York Giants every reason to fire him -
Maybe if the Giants fire him, the Packers can bring him back as an assistant coach on offense?

Vontae Davis (groin) to have season-ending surgery -
AND, as of this morning, the Colts are releasing him. That franchise is in a far more chaotic place than the Packers.