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Damarious Randall and Josh Gordon fire shots on Twitter after Packers’ win

Randall may have gone a bit below the belt, but the tape shows that he’s the winner here.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Following the Green Bay Packers’ victory over the Cleveland Browns, the battles between Packers cornerback Damarious Randall and Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon became a notable storyline.

Gordon, who returned to the field one week ago after spending all of 2015 and 2016 on suspension for violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policy, had two huge receptions on the Browns’ first drive, including one for an 18-yard touchdown. That first drive had plenty of Twitter pundits and NFL writers raving about the return of one of the NFL’s best wideouts.

However, after that point the Packers moved out of zone coverage and into more of a man scheme, matching up Randall on the Browns’ top receiver.

To say it went well for Randall would be an understatement, and when he was asked about Gordon after the game, he replied simply “he had one catch. Any more questions?

Randall obviously was referring to Gordon’s performance against him in man coverage. However, Gordon got wind of Randall’s comments and decided to fire back on Twitter:

First of all, Gordon’s comment about the Browns’ “disadvantages” is fascinating. He clearly seems to have little regard for quarterback DeShone Kizer, head coach Hue Jackson, the personnel department, or some combination thereof. However, talking trash after being blanketed throughout the game seems more than a bit silly.

Randall, of course, is never one to shy away from a challenge or a calling-out on Twitter. He responded as follows, calling back to the substance issues that got Gordon suspended:

That’s a bit of a low blow there, and really, Randall could have just let the tape of the Browns’ last offensive snap speak for itself. He had magnificent press coverage on Gordon, who was DeShone Kizer’s first (and really, only) read on this play.

Once Kizer realized that he had no chance to get the ball in to Gordon, he bailed out, which allowed Clay Matthews time to chase him down and hit him as he released the football. That ball ended up in Josh Jones’ hands, and the Packers scored a touchdown a few plays later to end the game.

The winner of this beef? Randall by unanimous decision, even if his response was a little bit over the line.