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Cheese Curds, 12/12: Scan watch begins as Packers await word on Rodgers’ collarbone

And now...we wait for what hopefully ends up being good news.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Can you ever remember a time when you spent so much time worrying about a medical scan for someone you didn’t know personally?

Green Bay Packers fans are fixated on the results of Aaron Rodgers’ medical scans this week, and with good reason. By all accounts, Rodgers has looked great in practice since he returned almost two weeks ago, and now his final hurdle is to be cleared by the Packers’ doctors.

Still, even though the assumption is that he’ll be playing on Sunday, there’s not yet any guarantee that they will indeed give him the go-ahead. Would the Packers really wait until Saturday (when they can return Rodgers to the 53-man roster) in order to announce whether he’s ready to return? It could give them some semblance of a competitive advantage against the Carolina Panthers — although Ron Rivera’s team will undoubtedly be preparing as if Rodgers will play.

Buckle up, everyone, and we’ll bring you news of Rodgers’ status as soon as we hear of it.

No news yet on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers |
And #ScanWatch begins. We have confirmation that Rodgers did have his scans on his shoulder on Monday, likely involving CT and DEXA (bone density) scans, and his status for Sunday is now in the hands of the Packers' medical staff to evaluate the images.

What might have been (another MVP?) if Aaron Rodgers didn't go down - ESPN
Rodgers was on pace to have a season very much like he did in 2014 when he went down eight weeks ago, and his completion percentage was actually up a bit from that year and from his career average.

Report: Aaron Rodgers has ‘looked ridiculous’ at Packers practice | Packers Wire
That is the report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, who is quoting some of his sources inside the Packers organization about Rodgers' performance during the week.

Notes: Trevor Davis still learning on the job |
Davis showed why the Packers keep him back on punt returns on Sunday, breaking off a critical 65-yard return to set up the game-tying touchdown. But he still demonstrates questionable decision-making in terms of when to catch punts and when to let them hit the ground.

Jay Cutler outdoes Tom Brady as Dolphins beat Patriots -
You can file that under "headlines we didn't think we'd see in 2017."

2018 NFL mock draft: Blockbuster trade could shake up first round -
The Packers are connected to Boston College pass-rusher Harold Landry yet again, but if they pass up on Alabama wideout Calvin Ridley, this writer would be pretty disappointed.

Finally, we have word of another Packers player who’s undergoing surgery. That’s cornerback Kevin King, who landed on injured reserve recently. Here’s hoping for a successful operation!