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Cheese Curds, 12/18: Hit on Davante Adams clearly shows the need for targeting

Thomas Davis should not have been allowed to keep playing on Sunday — end of story.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, Davante Adams was knocked out of an NFL game by an awful, dirty hit to the head.

That’s twice this season that it has happened to Adams, who now has had three concussions in the last two football seasons. Fairly or unfairly, that history of concussions could get brought up in contract negotiations this offseason for the receiver, even despite the fact that two of them were hardly normal football plays.

Furthermore, both of those hits — by Danny Trevathan in week four and now by Thomas Davis on Sunday — are the textbook definition of “targeting,” the rule in college football that results in an ejection of the offending player. Fines and suspensions only work to a point; the only solution is to ensure that players who level those dirty hits at opponents’ heads are removed from the game.

It should have happened to Trevathan weeks ago, and it should have happened to Davis on Sunday. Instead, Davis remained in the game, making a few more tackles later in the game (including a third-down stop and a sack). His remaining in the game didn’t decide the result, but it contributed to it and the league must take action this offseason to further ensure that these hits are appropriately penalized.

Fifteen yards and the threat of a fine isn’t remotely enough.

Here’s the rest of your Packers news on this ugly Monday morning.

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