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Cheese Curds, 12/21: Evaluation season starts now for the Packers

With nothing but pride left to play for, the team will be taking a close look at individual performances in the final two games.

NFL: Green Bay Packers Practice Jim Matthews-USA TODAY Sports

If you think the final two games of the 2017 season are meaningless for the Green Bay Packers, don’t say that to the players’ faces.

In many cases, players are auditioning for jobs for 2018; in others, individuals who remain under contract for next year are trying to bolster their argument to stay on the team rather than being let go between now and then. Young players are also likely to get opportunities to play that they might not have had previously, giving them chances to prove that they are ready to take on bigger roles next fall.

Perhaps no group on this roster is more uncertain for next year than the wide receiver unit, however. The Packers have a number one wideout who might not (and in this writer’s opinion should not) play the rest of the season and who is due for a big new contract in the spring. The second and third options at the position both have big contracts that expire after 2018, which would make release or restructure entirely feasible for either one. And then there is a slew of young players who have yet to fully prove themselves whose roles are yet to be determined moving forward.

That’s the case at just one position, but you can say similar things about the outside linebackers, the safeties, and more. So these last 120 minutes of Packers football are hardly meaningless; they could and likely will have lasting effects for the roster in 2018 and beyond.

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