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The Packers GM Game: What is Jordy Nelson worth in 2018?

Say you could remake Jordy Nelson’s contract from scratch and he’d sign it — what is he worth to you in 2018?

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

If NFL general managers typically play it close to the vest, Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson has his hands flat against his chest. The man is a mystery wrapped in an enigma dressed in a sweater and white sneakers. Since Taciturn Ted addresses the media so rarely — and says little of consequence when he does — it’s impossible to know exactly what he’s thinking. So, let’s not even try. No, instead, let us ourselves assume the GM chair in a little series we’re calling “The GM Game.” Today’s topic: Jordy Nelson.

Once the top producer in a crowded Packers receiving corps, Jordy Nelson saw his productivity drop in 2017. Whether you think that’s due to Aaron Rodgers’ absence (6 TD’s from Rodgers and none from Hundley), or to age and injury (he’s 33 and two years removed from knee surgery), you’d be excused for thinking twice about Nelson’s 2018 cap hit of $12.5M. That’s on par with Julio Jones ($12.9M), T.Y. Hilton ($13M), and Doug Baldwin ($12.1M).

Given his statistical dip in 2017, his age, and the likely need to sign Davante Adams to big money, we posited the following question to our Twitter followers:

We were struck by the fact that 6% of voters thought the team should cut Nelson outright. Mind you, this is a fictional scenario where he would sign whatever you (the GM) offered. We’d like to chalk this up to post-elimination trauma, but who’s to say? Meanwhile, a 52% majority of voters would restructure Nelson’s deal in the $5-6M/year range for 2018. For context, that would put him in the company of guys like Brandon Marshall ($6.1M), Rishard Matthews ($5.8M), Markus Wheaton ($5.7M), and Julian Edelman ($5.1M).

What do you think? Leave us a comment below with your explanation and stay tuned for our next poll question.