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Cheese Curds 12/6: The Ice Bowl, 50 years later

Also: How Aaron Rodgers got Davante Adams benched

The calendar has now turned to December, and that means cold weather will now begin to blanket much of the United States. Winter is upon us, and that is a sign the NFL season is beginning to wind down.

Before looking ahead to the final four weeks of the 2017 regular season, it’s time to look to the past. 50 years ago, to be precise. It was five decades ago this month that the Green Bay Packers won a game that will forever be frozen in NFL lore.

The Ice Bowl (or the 1967 NFL Championship for the uninitiated) was played at Lambeau Field on December 31, 1967 between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys.

The game has been recapped countless times, so we won’t go over it again here. Now that the 50th anniversary is upon us, how do those who played in the game feel about it now, as it’s still the coldest game played in league history? How about the fans watching it from the non-heated metal bleachers in Lambeau Field?

Stories about the Ice Bowl never get old, and we will be hearing plenty of them over the coming weeks.

Elsewhere in the present day, Jason Spriggs has settled in after a tumultuous preseason and Davante Adams recalls Aaron Rodgers getting him benched as a rookie.

Here are today’s cheese curds.

Ice Bowl has left an indelible mark on those who played in, watched Packers' iconic win—

The quote from Vince Lombardi about not wanting fans to sit through sudden death is one of his best and most underrated.

Jason Spriggs settles into new home at right tackle—

Spriggs has gone from the outhouse to the penthouse for his role in the Packers’ resurgent running game.

The Five Toughest Corners I’ve Ever Faced—The Player’s Tribune

Adams has respect for many corners he’s faced, but his story about Rodgers getting him benched for eight plays shows how the receiver has matured. “Always expect the ball,” Adams writes.

Packers: Zone-read gives offense another option for Brett Hundley-Wisconsin State Journal

While the Packers really hope they’ll have Rodgers next week against the Carolina Panthers, they still must continue to work with Brett Hundley until the two-time MVP is cleared. One way of doing that is running similar plays that won the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Rating the job security of every NFL head coach—ESPN

Much to the chagrin of comment sections everywhere, ESPN rated Mike McCarthy’s job as “safe barring a total disaster.”