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Super Bowl LI Prop Bets: Odds on game MVP, Commercials, Broadcast, and Entertainment

Here are a handful of the many prop bets available for Sunday’s big game between the Falcons and Patriots.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We at Acme Packing Company are still disappointed that the Green Bay Packers will not be participating in Super Bowl LI on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean that we will tune out for the game. No, it’s still the world championship of American football, and we’ll be watching the football and everything else surrounding the game.

One of the fun items about this game every year is the multitude of prop bets offered by sports books. Thanks to, we have a whole bunch of fun props for the game, the entertainment, the broadcast, and many more items.

Here are a selection of some of the fun props for the game, and scroll down to submit your picks (for entertainment value only) as we tally up who APC readers would pick for each of them.

Game Props

Odds to win MVP

Tom Brady: 1/1
Matt Ryan: 9/5
Julio Jones: 14/1
Julian Edelman: 20/1
LeGarrette Blount: 22/1
Devonta Freeman: 22/1
Dion Lewis: 30/1
Chris Hogan: 35/1
Danny Amendola: 70/1
Any Defensive Player: 30/1
Field: 28/1

Odds to have the most receiving yards

Julio Jones: 8/5
Julian Edelman: 5/1
Chris Hogan: 7/1
Mohamed Sanu: 7/1
Martellus Bennett: 10/1
Taylor Gabriel: 10/1
Field: 15/1

Odds to rush for the most yards

LeGarrette Blount: 2/1
Devonta Freeman: 5/2
Tevin Coleman: 7/2
Dion Lewis: 6/1
Field: 22/1

Over/Under number of coach’s challenges: 1

Over/Under height of the tallest player to score a TD: 6’3″

Odds to score the first TD

Julio Jones: 9/2
Devonta Freeman: 5/1
LeGarrette Blount: 6/1
Mohamed Sanu: 7/1
Martellus Bennett: 9/1
Chris Hogan: 11/1
Julian Edelman: 11/1
Tevin Coleman: 14/1
Dion Lewis: 16/1
Field: 12/1

TV Broadcast/Entertainment

Odds on which Anheuser-Busch brand ad will run first

Budweiser: 6/5
Bud Light: 3/2
Busch: 12/1
Michelob Ultra: 11/1

Odds of Peyton Manning appearing in a national Super Bowl commercial: 1/1

Over/Under on the length of Luke Bryan’s National Anthem: 1 minute 58 seconds

Odds on the primary color of Lady Gaga’s hair when she’s first on stage

Blond: 2/3
Brown: 3/1
Pink: 10/1
Field: 14/1


Some additional prop bets involving the broadcast of the game include the colors of Joe Buck’s and Troy Aikman’s ties, whether or not Buck will be clean-shaven, and the number of sideline broadcasts from Erin Andrews during the game.


We at APC are having some fun with these, so we encourage you to vote for which of these prop bets you would pick in an attempt to get the best return on an equal bet for each. If you cannot access the form below, click here instead.